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ZOG - By Julia Donaldson. Children's illustrated audiobook.

Zog is the keenest dragon in school and the most accident prone! Will he ever win a Golden Star? Music: Dear Autumn Musician: @iksonofficial

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Picture 2

You could also:



  • Make a list of the rhyming words used in the story.


  • Retell the story from the little girl's point of view.


  • Look at the different animals and plants shown in the illustration. How many can you identify?


  • The little girl helps Zog at different points in the story. Can you learn some first aid?


  • Can you find out the different items that people keep in a first aid kit? What do each of these things do?


  • Investigate which materials would be suitable for Sir Gadabout's armour. Which materials are the strongest?


  • Make a model of Zog (or another dragon) using craft materials.


  • Can you build a castle to protect a princess from the dragons?


  • Princess Pearl doesn't like silly frilly dresses. Can you design some new clothes that she might like?


  • Look at the different dragons in the illustrations. Can you draw / paint some more?


  • Look at the different colours shown in the illustrations. Can you try to make some of these colours / shades by mixing different art materials?