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Yellow, Orange and Red Group - Mrs Northrop and Mrs Field's group

Please use your phonics cards to continue to practise the individual letter sounds and also ow, oi, ear, air  as these are the sounds we are learning in class.


Click on the links below to watch a short clip of our new sounds:

The 'ow' sound -

The 'oi' sound -

The 'ear' sound -

The 'air' sound -


Have a go at this phonics booklet: 

Please use your Reading Eggs log-in details that are in the front of your reading record to access the online reading and phonics learning each day. 



As well as saying the sounds please have a go at writing the letter, the grapheme.  Ask a grown up to say some words such as nurse, deep, purse, start, car, door, boot, mushroom etc for you to write.  You can also ask a grown up to say a sentence for you to write as we have been doing in class.  For example "I have a purse" "I like to eat mushrooms for my lunch."


Remember to use lined paper or draw lines using a ruler as we begin every letter from the line.  Remember to hold your sharp pencil correctly in a pincer grip (pinching the pencil) and say the ditty "we start with a flick from the line!"  Sitting comfortably at a table with your feet on the floor and supporting the paper with your spare hand will make your writing super neat and tidy!


Click on the links below to play some fun phonics games:


Click on the links below to practice our tricky words - remember we just have to learn these on sight. We can't use our sounds. - Phase 2 tricky words - Phase 3 tricky words