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Yellow, Orange and Red Phonics Group

Please use your phonics cards to continue to practise the individual letter sounds and also the phase 3 sounds. 


We are now moving to Phase 4 phonics. There are no new sounds to learn in this phase. 

At this stage, children should be comfortable with each phoneme. From here on, the teaching of phonics will be about consolidating and improving their knowledge, while introducing trickier words with increased vocabulary.

By phase 4 phonics , children should be able to blend confidently to work out the sound of new words. They should be able to read words right away without sounding them out.


Here are some Phase 4 activities for you:


Read the sentence to match it to the picture

Write the words for the pictures below, can you write sentences using the pictures?

Please use your Reading Eggs log-in details that are in the front of your reading record to access the online reading and phonics learning each day, Reading Eggs and Fast Phonics. 


Click on the links below to play some fun phonics games:


Online Phonics Games (Phase 4) -



Click on the links below to practice our tricky words - remember we just have to learn these on sight. We can't use our sounds. - Phase 2 tricky words - Phase 3 tricky words