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This week we are going to learn all about commas in a list! We have looked at this before, so now is a time to show off your skills! 

I have uploaded some commas learning on the Education City website. Please login using the following details:


Username: Year2Eagley

Password: infant


1. Click on

2. Login

3. Click on 'homework'

4. Click on 'commas in a list'

5. Complete learning activities


When you have done this, I would love it if you could write in your diary that we sent home and have a go at using commas in a list! I have done some examples below.


My special grown up went shopping today and they bought apples, eggs, yoghurts and chocolate.

Today I played with my family and we baked cakes, did Math learning, played tig and went for a walk.


Spellings - There are new spellings to learn this week. These spellings form part of the year 2 curriculum however there is no pattern to them unfortunately! Please practice these ones:

1. everybody      

2. most

3. beautiful       

4. would

5. old             

6. busy

7. children        

8. floor

9. Christmas      

10. fast