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Letter to my new teacher!


As you all know, you will be starting school at Eagley Junior school very soon! Myself, Miss Holdsworth and Mrs Ward have been chatting to your new teachers all about how wonderful each of you are and they are very excited to meet you!


Your new teachers are eager to learn more about you and have asked that you write a letter about yourselves and send it to them. 


Your new teachers, Mrs Wilson and Miss Coles, would love to see how you can use capital letters and full stops. They also loved hearing about our super neat, joined up handwriting, so please make sure your handwriting is your best! I know you can do it...!


Below I have attached a template for your letter, or you can choose to write your own. Your new teacher's email addresses are written below and we hope that you have fun writing your letters. Then, take a picture of the finished letter and email it to your new teacher, they are so excited to receive them!


Class A - Mrs Wilson -

Class B - Miss Coles -