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This week we are going to be learning about writing instructions! Can you use the BBC Bitesize video to learn about how to write instructions?

There is a fun quiz you can complete too!

You can also learn about instruction writing through the PowerPoint below too.

Instructions have to be really clear to the person who is reading them. Below I have attached some instructions on how to make a paper aeroplane and on how to draw a face. Can you follow these instructions? Which parts of the instructions did you find useful? Was it useful to have diagrams? Was it useful because they were in order? Did the numbers help you? Were the instructions short and clear?

Now that you have seen some clear instructions, I'd like you to write your own instructions!

1. Your science learning is all about sunflowers and growing your own sunflower! Can you write instructions about how to plant a sunflower?

2. Your well-being learning is all about making a healthy treat such as a fruit salad! Can you write your own recipe (a type of instructions) about how you made it so that someone else can make the same fruit salad as you?

3. Your final set of instructions are super important! We all know how important washing our hands is at the moment. Can you write a set of instructions explaining the best way to wash your hands?


You can use these templates below to help you!