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To begin your learning please click on the link below and enjoy The British Paraorchestra as they sign and sign for you their performance of 'True Colours'


At the bottom of the page you will see I have added some sheets with fancy borders for you to print off if you wish to use them or you can use your own paper, notebook or computer to complete your challenges.  Please work through the challenges because when you have finished them you will have created an amazing book all about the Paralympics!


So my little treasures... are you ready... then off we go...


Challenge 1:

The title for this page of your book is

Olympic and Paralympic values

Have a look at the values posters below.  I would like you to write about each of the values explaining your own definition, what the word means to you.  Then I would like you to explain why you believe the value is important.


Challenge 2:

The title for this page of your book is

Paralympic Sports

Please make a list of Paralympic Sports for the Summer Season.

You can visit the following website for information to help you:


Challenge 3:

Your title for today is:

British Paralympians

Please read the British Paralympian Powerpoint all about Rio 2016.

I would like you to choose 2 British Paraylmpians to research.  Write as many sentences as you can about them. You can add pictures too if you like!


When you have finished please send a photograph or a copy of your learning to me so that I can share your research and writing on the class page.  It's going to be so wonderful to share your learning with your friends so they can read your interesting facts about the Paralympic  Games!