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Writing a recount

This week we are going to write a recount of our favourite day over the half term. We are going to start by planning our recount before we write it out.

To plan your recount, start by making some notes. You should think about where you went e.g. on a walk or to the beach or playing in your garden. Then think about who you were with e.g. a brother, sister, special grown up etc... and then think about what you did e.g. got the paddling pool out or went on a hunt etc... All of that information should be included in your introduction!


Next you should consider what you did first, second and so on... Put each of your events in order. For example, putting your swimming costume on, blowing and filling up the paddling pool, splashing around and then a picnic dinner etc...


Now you're ready to write! Remember when you write that all of your verbs should be in the past tense e.g. played, splashed, looked.


There's lots of information about writing a recount on the Education City website. Click on the link

1. Login

Username: Year2Eagley

Password: infant

2. Click on 'homework' section

3. Click on 'writing a recount'


Please send me your wonderful recounts to