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Possessive Apostrophes
This week we are going to learn about possessive apostrophes. Apostrophes can be used to show that something belongs to someone or something. This is called possession.


When we need to say that something belongs to something or someone, we put an apostrophe then an 's' at the end of the name that it belongs to. e.g. Miss Holdsworth's pen.


This week I would like you to access the Education City website to learn about apostrophes before completing the activities below. To access Education City you should:

Click on this link:

Username: Year2Eagley

Password: infant

1. Click on link and enter login details

2. Click on 'homework' section

3. Click on 'possessive apostrophes'


Next I have some possessive apostrophe worksheets for you to practice at home. You can click on these below.

Next, I would like you to watch the story of Little Red Riding Hood below and use your knowledge of possessive apostrophes to write a WANTED poster for the wolf! You could write sentences such as 'The wolf's teeth are very sharp.'

The wanted poster template can also be found below. When you have done this, please email pictures of your wanted posters to

I can't wait to see them! smiley

Little Red Riding Hood - Animated Fairy Tales for Children