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Watch the power point on Winter and then share with your special grown ups what you have learnt about this season.

Then using the Winter picture write some super sentences about what you can see

eg  A girl is throwing a snowball at her friend and a man  is skiing in the soft, white powdery snow!

Check your work makes sense.

Are your letters sitting on the lines?

Check you have used capital letters and full stops.

Have you used any describing words?


Today you are going to use your imagination to write a wonderful story about a dragon.

The title of your story is A Dragon in the Playground!


Your story will need to include -

1. A beginning, a middle and an end.

2. A description of what the dragon looks like.

3. Something naughty, scary or exciting that the dragon does on the playground.

4. What the adults do when the dragon appears.


Include sentence connectives such as 'and', 'but', 'so' and 'because'

Include some adjectives in your story

Make sure your work makes sense

Make sure all your letters have leads and are the correct size


Today you are going to write another imaginative story!


The title of this story is  Underwater Adventure!



Imagine you are a diver.

What creatures might you see under the water? eg  jelly fish, octopus and sharks.

What else might you see? eg a ship wreck, caves or a treasure box!


Try to make your adventure exciting and interesting for the reader by including lots of description.

Don't forget to check that your work makes sense. 

Have you used any commas or exclamation marks in your writing?


Today you are going to write a story called  Desert Island Adventure



Imagine that you are an explorer and you land on a desert island.

What might you see? eg palm trees, swamps, waterfalls, volcanoes and caves.

What might you do? eg find some coconuts,  catch some fish, build a fire, make a hammock and sleep in a tree.


Ensure you have included lots of description in your story to keep the readers attention.

Check your work makes sense.

Discuss with an adult how you can improve your story.