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Past, present and future tense!

This week we will be learning all about past, present and future tense. Below is a link to the BBC website with learning all about tenses. Please click on the link, watch the video and complete the quiz at the bottom of the page.


This week I have put lots of activities to support your learning about past, present and future tenses on the Education City website. 


Username: Year2Eagley

Password: infant


1. Click on

2. Login

3. Click on 'homework'

4. Click on 'past present future tense'

5. Complete learning activities


There are also some learning activities below that you can download and complete at home!

Diary writing

Using your diaries that were sent home, you can use your new knowledge of tenses to write this week's diary entries. You could write about things you have done already (past tense) and things you are excited to do when we are allowed back at school (future tense).

Happy writing!