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Calling all Year 2 Explorers!


This week I made an amazing discovery whilst out on my daily walk with my family and I thought I would share it with you!

Did you know that in our local area we have an arboretum?

You may be thinking "What's an arboretum?" so your first challenge is to go and discover what it is I'm so excited about!  


Okay so now you've found out, in case you didn't know either that Bolton Arboretum can be found in our local area I will share with you where it is.  You can find it by accessing the path to Longsight Park at Bradshaw Brow.


I went earlier to take this photo for you to help you to find it...


Picture 1

For your well-being challenge this week I would really love you to go and explore the arboretum with your families.  You may have been before, I've been lots of times this week, and each time,  I walk around the field breathing in the beautiful fresh air and I notice something new! How magical the trees are!  So many different tree species to look at and such beautiful shades of green!  Perfect!

Enjoy the peace and calm as you explore the trees. 

When you go take a photo of your favourite tree and I will take a photo of my favourite tree too! You can E-mail your photo to me - I wonder if you will choose the same one as me?


Happy exploring treasures!


Love Mrs Field