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Week beginning Monday 4th May

Hello Nursery friends. This week lots of people will be celebrating a special day called VE day. Some people are planning to have picnics in their gardens at the same time as other people in their street. This is called a street party. Perhaps you may be joining in with a street party and having a picnic in your garden. This week some of our activities will help us to learn about what it was like to live during the war and on VE day. I will look forward to seeing photographs of this weeks home learning. Have a fun week!

This week at home you could

  • Watch "Peepo" on Look carefully at the pictures and talk about how our houses are different from the illustrations eg tin bath in the living room and the coal fire. Talk about Dad's uniform. What is his job? 
  • Phone a grandparent and ask them what it was like to be a child when they were small. What did they play? Did they have mobile phones and iPads? Can you play one of the games that Grandma or Grandad played when they were little? 
  • Make some bunting to decorate your house.
  • Make and fly a paper aeroplane.
  • Bake using a VE day cake or meal using the recipes below.
  • Play hand clapping games eg "A sailor went to sea, sea, sea" 
  • Find a stone and draw a hop scotch on the floor outside. Play hopscotch with someone in your family.
  • Make a circle using a rope (or use a hula hoop). See if you can roll a ball into the circle. You could make 2 circles. Then score 1 point if your ball goes into the first circle and 2 points if it goes into the 2nd circle. 
  • Play Kim's game. Fill a tray with objects. An adult removes one of the objects. Can you work out which object has been removed? 
  • Go on a scavenger hunt and find something that came from a plant, something that has a smell, something yellow, something long and something soft.