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Week beginning Monday 30th March

We hope you all had a good first week learning at home. We are really missing all of your happy faces!

We have set up some activities on We will send you a message with our username and password.

The website is offering parents free access. There are some lovely activities for the children to access. 


Here are some things you could try at home this week:


  • Make bread or pizzas for the family to share
  • Make a family tree – who is in your family
  • Make shakers with pasta or rice in  pots
  • Chop the vegetables for dinner together
  • Musical movement games – like musical statues
  • Lego and block play.  Plan to build something and see if you can follow your plan
  • Building dens and tunnels with blankets and under the kitchen table
  • Help with the washing up
  • Measuring ingredients to cook/ help make dinner
  • Decorate eggs
  • Make Easter baskets
  • Try more Cosmic Yoga on YouTube?
  • Share story books and talk about what is happening on each page
  • Outdoor Scavenger hunt  - Can you something that is heavy? Something that is very light? Something really big? Something smaller than your thumb?
  • Indoor Scavenger hunt - Can you find 4 things that are green? Something very soft? Something round? A book with numbers in it?
  • Make Easter egg leaves