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Week beginning Monday 27th April

Hello Nursery friends. I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I'm sure you will have been playing outside in the sunshine. I have been in my garden this weekend and I enjoyed watching and listening to the birds and the squirrels. Mrs Clarkson was busy at school last week making us a new bug hotel and lots of you have been exploring in your gardens and have enjoyed finding minibeasts and garden creatures. All this made me think about a very special worm called "Superworm". This week some of our activities will be thinking about minibeasts and worms. I hope you have lots of fun and send me lots of pictures of things you do at home. 


This week you could:

  •  Watch and listen to the story "Superworm" on
  • Tell an adult how Superworm was kind to his friends and how he helped them. What made him super?
  • Using a piece of paper/ string/wool, make your own Superworm and use it to measure. Can you find 3 things that are longer, three things that are shorter and one thing that is the same size as your superworm? 
  • Go on a bug hunt. Can you find a minibeast that is black? One that is brown? One that has 6 legs? One that has 8 legs? One that has no legs? One that has wings? One that has a shell? One that has spots? One that's slimy?                                                         Where did you find them? Tell an adult whether they are under, on top of, next to or behind rocks, logs, plants, pots and trees.                                                                       What sound does your minibeast begin with? 
  • Find old plant pots, kitchen roll tubes, twigs and stones and build a bug hotel for your garden. What bugs will move into your hotel? 
  • Use a skipping rope and learn how to skip. Lie the rope on the floor - can you jump over it, moving from side to side as you move from one end to the other? Make your rope into a circle and stand inside it. Can you stay inside it while you catch a feather/ a scarf/ a balloon? What can you do with your rope?  
  • Sit in your garden and listen for 1 minute. What sounds can you hear? What sounds do you like? What sounds do you not like? 
  • Go on a scavenger hunt. Can you find something smooth? Something rough? Something that makes a noise? Something round? Something yellow? 
  • Share a story with an adult. Can you find any words that rhyme? Can you find any words that start with the same letter as your name? Can you find any words that start with the same letter as other sounds you know?  
  • Homework activities on Education City.