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Week beginning Monday 23rd March

We hope you have all had a super weekend and had a lovely time spending Mother's Day with your loved ones.


As well as playing with your toys here are some things you could also do at home.


  • Hunt for bugs in the garden
  • Sing familiar songs and make up your own words to nursery rhyme tunes
  • Share stories – retell and act them out
  • Water play in the bath – scooping, pouring and measuring
  • Painting with water in the garden
  • Make music with saucepans and pots
  • Build towers from blocks – how many blocks did you use? Can you use the same blocks to build a different tower?
  • Outdoor Scavenger hunt  - Can you find 5 leaves that look different? A stick longer than you hand? A rock with spots on it?
  • Indoor Scavenger hunt - Can you find a toy with wheels? A book with the first letter of your name in the title? 
  • Help a grown up with the laundry, can you match and pair the socks?
  • You could call another family member and share your favourite story over the telephone.
  • Facetime a member of your family and tell them all the things you have been doing.
  • Share your favourite books with people at home.
  • Could a member of your family tell you a story over the telephone?
  • You could ask a grown up to hide one of your toys. To find it you ask them questions about where it might be.

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