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Week beginning Monday 23rd March

We hope you have all had a super weekend and had a lovely time spending Mother's Day with your loved ones.


As well as playing with your toys here are some things you could also do at home.




  • Practice your sounds using your phonics cards
  • Read your reading book. Sound out each word if you need to then see if you can reread the sentence without using your sounds.
  • You could call another family member and read to them over the telephone.
  • We have been practising reading and writing ccvc and cvcc words, for example, jump, help, clap, clip. You could watch our Alphablocks friends to help:

  • Look at the pictures in the document below. Can you write a label for each picture? Remember to put the word on your Fred Fingers.
  • Here is a tricky word song, can you write  sentences using the words I, the, to, go, no? Remember capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop at the end.



  • Count along to 20!

  • This week our number is 10. Watch our friends the Numberblocks below to find out more.
  • Can you explore number 10? Find 10 things in your home or in the garden? Write the number 10?
  • Can you compare the number 10 to other numbers. For example, 10 is greater than 6. 3 is less than 10.


Other activities


  • Can you draw or paint a picture of one of your favourite toys?
  • Facetime a member of your family and tell them all the things you have been doing.
  • Share your favourite book with someone at home.
  • Could a member of your family tell you a story over the telephone?
  • You could ask a grown up to hide one of your toys. To find it you ask them questions about where it might be.
  • Log in to Purple Mash using your logins we put on your reading diary. In the '2do' section we have added some activities and games for you to play including Maths City!
  • Play games in the garden.




  • Can you build a roller coaster?