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Week beginning Monday 20th April

Hello to all our wonderful Nursery children and families. I am missing you all lots and I am looking forward to sharing in lots of fun when we can come back to Nursery. Did you know that on Thursday it will be St George's Day? This week I have thought of some activities to help you learn about St George. I am enjoying receiving your emails, telling me about the fun things you have been doing at home. I hope you send more this week then I can post your photographs at the bottom of this page. 

This weeks learning activities:

  • Watch to learn about St George and celebrating St George's Day.
  • Make a flag of St George or design your own flag and find somewhere special to display it.
  • Design and make your own shield.
  • Design and make your own dragon mask.
  • Design and make your own knights mask.
  • Make a crown for a princess.
  • Read the story "Zog" or watch on YouTube - 
  • Read other stories that have princesses or dragons in them.  
  • Hide a teddy or a toy somewhere in your house or garden. Give someone directions to find your teddy or toy, such as go forwards, backwards, turn left, turn right, up, down, under, at the side of. Can you find something that they have hidden for you?
  • Help to prepare for a picnic. What will you eat? Can you make a sandwich? What will you put on your sandwich? Who will come with you on your picnic? Plan where you can have your picnic. Will you stay indoors? Will you go into the garden? Will you take a teddy bear with you? 
  • Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt and find something light, something heavy, something that has spots on it, 4 leaves that look different, something that smells good.
  • Activities in the Homework section on Education City.