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Week beginning Monday 18th May

Hi Nursery friends,

I can't believe that we are at the end of another half term. We have been very busy and we have enjoyed looking at the wonderful learning that you have been doing at home. I hope that you enjoy this weeks learning activities and I will look forward to receiving your pictures of what you have been doing at home soon. Have a wonderful week. 

Fraser Reads "The Smartest Giant In Town" by Julia Donaldson

Written by Julia Donaldson & illustrated by Axel Scheffler Read by me as I would read it to my son :-) Hopefully parents will find it useful and kids enterta...

  • Watch and enjoy "The Smartest Giant in Town" on the link above. If you've got this story at home perhaps you could share the book with someone in your family and use different voices whilst reading the story.
  • Collect a pair of shoes from everyone in your house and order them from the biggest to the smallest. Whose shoes are the biggest? Whose shoes are the smallest? Whose shoes are bigger than... and smaller than..? Can you think of an animal that could sleep in each shoe? 
  • Draw around one of the shoes and cut it out. Use the shoe print to measure peoples clothes in you house. Find out how many shoes long your shirt/t-shirt is. How long is Mummy's blouse/t-shirt? What other things can you measure both inside and outside your house? 
  • George is a very kind person. How can you be kind and helpful to the people who live in your house? Perhaps you could help someone to tidy up or help your brother or sister with an activity. 
  • Make a card or picture and give it to someone who has been kind to you. Tell the person why you are giving them the picture and how they were kind.
  • Make an obstacle course and figure out how you will move around it. Think about how the dog crossed the bog. What will you go under, over, across and around. 
  • Play a game of catch. You can use a balloon, a soft toy, a screwed up piece of paper, a ball of wool (or anything soft) or a ball. When you have practised count how many times you can catch without dropping it. Next you could stand on the spot and throw your object in the air. See if you can clap your hands before you catch your object. 
  • See how many jumps you can do in 30 seconds. Try it again each day and see if you can do more jumps each time. How many star jumps can you do in 30 seconds? Can you improve your score each day? 
  • Go on a scavenger hunt. Can you find something that shows the number 5? Something that is square? Something that is empty? Something that is taller than you? 4 things that are smaller than your hand?  
  • Look out the window, or go in the garden if you can. Draw or write about what you can see. Are there any animals or birds?

Wellbeing tasks

  • Listen carefully with your eyes closed to any sounds you can hear. After one minute, open your eyes and write down everything you heard
  • Ring a bell or make a lasting noise with another instrument or method. Listen very carefully to the fading sound until you are sure you can no longer hear it.
  • Ask someone to drop a feather and watch it very closely as it floats to the ground.
  • Listen carefully to a piece of music and draw a line on a piece of paper which matches the feeling created by the music. 
Next weekend Muslim people will celebrate Eid al-Fitr. The celebrations will start on Saturday 23rd May and will end on Sunday 24th May. Watch the story below to find out about Eid. As an activity you might want to taste some Indian food such as samosas or onion bhaji or popadoms. Which ones do you like? What is your favourite party food? Have fun and Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak | Eid Celebration & Facts For Kids| Cultural Stories For Kids | Jalebi Street |

Let your little one discover not just the significance of Eid for kids in India, but also the joy of giving, that is so strongly rooted in the tradition of t...

The Tree Song

Join in with Mrs Sellers singing the Tree song - can you remember all the actions?

Exciting News - Mia sent a card to Boris Johnson and today she has received a reply. See Mia's and Boris' card below.