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Week beginning Monday 13th April

Welcome to the summer term. We hope you have had a lovely Easter and that the Easter Bunny visited your house with some chocolate. We are missing being at school and seeing all your smiley faces.This week our butterflies emerged form their chrysalis. Mrs Ashcroft's children, Beth and Billy, fed the butterflies oranges and they made them some nectar which they enjoyed drinking. They looked after them for a couple of days until their wings had dried and they were ready to leave their butterfly garden. Then they released the butterflies in to the garden. One butterfly flew away straight away  but the other four spent a lot of time in the garden on the flowers before they flew away to find a new home. When you are playing outside this week, look to see if you can see them. I hope you like the pictures of them.

Here is a list of some activities that you could try at home this week:

  • Count how many butterflies you can spot in your garden, or while you are out on a walk. What patterns and colours do they have on their wings?
  • Make a butterfly picture. What colours and shapes will you use?
  • Explore the outdoors and find something that flies, something that smells good and something that grows. 
  • Go on a book scavenger hunt and find an animal in a book, a character eating something and someone who is helping someone. 
  • Play a rhyming game with an adult. Ask the adult to say a word and you find an item that rhymes with the word such as cat/hat, rock/sock, Fred/ted. What other rhyming objects can you find?
  • Use junk to make a windchime and find somewhere outside that you can hang it.
  • Count out the correct number of items and help to set the table for dinner. 
  • Paint with mud in the garden. Sign your picture with your name. 
  • Make your own skittles to play with. You could put numbers on you skittles. How many can you knock down? How many are left? 

Education city has more fun activities for you to explore. Visit the homework section to discover this weeks learning.

I hope you will be able to send me some photographs of your fun learning this week. I will post them here so you can see your friends and share what each of you have been busy doing. Missing you all. Have a fun week.