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Week beginning Monday 11th May

Hello Nursery friends. I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Maybe you celebrated VE day on Friday? It would be lovely to share your photographs of your celebrations if you have any. I loved looking at your wonderful photographs last week. I will look forward to seeing more or your fun learning this week. I hope you enjoy the activities. Have a super week.

This week you could:

  • Share the story "Peace at Last" or watch it on the link below.
  • Go on a sound hunt around your house. What sounds can you hear in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and the garden? When you hear the sound can you describe it, such as the whirring of the tumble dryer, or the tingling of the cats bell? 
  • Make a sensory bottle like the posters below.
  • Keep yourself healthy at home by setting up a circuit of three different exercises. Include a jumping station, a running station and a stretching station. 
  • With help from an adult, cut up fruit and vegetables into pieces. Arrange them on a plate, like a picture, and enjoy eating the different colours. 
  • Using just 10, 20 or 30 small building blocks, see how many different creations you can make. 
  • Choose a board game from home and play it with your family.  
  • Play a describing game with someone at home. Choose an object that you can see and describe it to the other player using three clues. 
  • Make some music with the Mini Music Makers on
  • Complete the activities on Education City - Homework - Week 7
  • Complete the toys home learning challenge below. 

Peace At Last - Storytime