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Week Beginning 4.1.21


This week we will be learning new phonics sounds z,zz,y,q.

It's important to learn some rules about our new sounds... when we see the sound 'q' it will bring a friend 'u.' We learn the sound as 'qu.'

Can you practice reading words such as quick, quack, quilt, quiet?

We also need to learn about the sound 'z' and 'zz.' They both make the same sound, however when we see 'zz' it is usually at the end of a word.

For example, can you practice writing words such as fuzz, buzz, fizz and jazz?


Below is a picture of the letter sounds and the rhymes that we use to help us form them correctly when we write. Can you use these rhymes to practice writing our new sounds? It's also important to apply our new phonics sounds by seeing them written in words. You could have a go at reading 'The Quick Fox' story in the document below. You can also have a go at the 'y' and 'z' booklets.


Whilst we are unable to provide you with new reading books, please continue to access Reading Eggs daily. Your child's login can be found at the front of their reading diary. If you are unable to find your child's login, please email Miss Holdsworth and I will send you your login.


A key part of learning to read is to sound out and decode words, however it is also important to understand the sentences that we read. Below is a comprehension activity that you could complete with your child, encouraging them to read the sentence and add the necessary information to the pictures.


In Maths we will be recapping all of our numbers from 0-10. Can you practice counting out different amounts of things in your home? What happens if you take 1 away? What happens if you add one more? Can you automatically recall one more than and one less than a given number to 10? Your child should learn to recall these facts quickly as they become more fluent with numbers.


Have a go at the one more, one less robot sheet

There are also some one more, one less challenge ideas that you could practice practically with your child.


At school we have had a crime scene, there was a wall with a cracked egg at the bottom... we think it might be Humpty Dumpty! Can you have a think about people that help us in our community such as the doctors and nurses that might help if we were to hurt ourselves like Humpty Dumpty! Or maybe the police officers that investigate the crime scene? Have a think about all of the jobs within the community and the role that they play such as dentists, teachers, bin men/women, firefighters and many more! You could complete this worksheet about people who help us!