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Summer Term 2

Week commencing 20th June


In our English lessons this week, the children have enjoyed writing a diary entry! They used a variety of sentence starters, such as, ‘first’ ‘then’ ‘suddenly’ ‘finally’. Everyone has been trying so hard with their handwriting too, well done!  


In Maths we have had a fun week using our knowledge of place value. The children have faced challenge questions and puzzles requiring them to apply their understanding of place value. They have used numbers up to 100 to order from largest to smallest and smallest to largest, compared numbers using one more than and one less than and manipulated numbers to create a variety of two-digit numbers.  


Our History learning this week has been about our previous Queens. Ask your child what they know about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I. We are becoming super knowledgeable historians!  


Everyone has loved our PE lessons this week. Ask your child to show you the dance they have learnt… you can find the link here: KS1 Dance: Let's Move. Summer holidays - BBC Teach  


In PSHE we have learnt what it means to be a good neighbour. We talked about situations we might see in school or at home and how we could make them better. The children shared some lovely ideas like, sharing with a friend, inviting someone to come and play or simply share a smile.  


Enjoy a lovely, sunny weekend! 

Week commencing 13th June.


This week we have enjoyed reading our new story, ‘The Queen’s Hat’ by Steve Anthony. This has been a lovely way to follow on from our Jubilee celebrations last week and the children have really enjoyed the story. We started the week by predicting what might happen in the story. The children have then gone on to sequence the story. Talk to your child about where the Queen’s Hat goes on its travels.  


In Maths we have started this half term by comparing numbers up to 100. The children have applied their place value knowledge and compared numbers using < > or =. They have enjoyed building numbers using a variety of manipulatives for example, tens and ones, numicon and place value counters. You could hide a random selection of numbers around your home and ask your child to find two. Then, ask them to draw the sign that would go in between. Once your child has found all of the numbers, ask them to place them in sequential order from smallest to largest or in reverse.  


In History we have started to learn about the Queen’s life from when she was born to now. The children made a timeline of her life and learnt some interesting facts. Ask your child to share their knowledge with you at home.  


When Hedgehogs were exploring Forest School, Squirrels have talked about ‘code’. The children have had the opportunity to write a set of instructions (code) and see what happens when someone follows them. We used picture representations or symbols to show our own code.  We then used Purple Mash to create code to make the fish (the object) move (the action). You could practise this at home on Purple Mash using the Fun with Fish Programme.


We started our new topic this week in PSHE which will explore how we can look after each other and the world. Today, we discussed ways that we can help our school community. You could support this learning at home by discussing ways in which you could help your community near to where you live.  

Week Commencing 6th June.


We hope you all had a lovely half term break and Jubilee celebrations at home!  

We’ve had a wonderful week in school celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We have made crowns, learnt about the Queen throughout her reign and enjoyed lots of royal activities and crafts. The children loved our Jubilee party today! We started the day showcasing our outfits in a royal parade with the whole school and everyone enjoyed our picnic on the playground with special royal cupcakes and live DJ!  


This week, all the children have taken part in the Phonics Screening check. We are really proud of all the children, they all tried their very best! Well done Hedgehogs and Squirrels!  

Next week our new book will be ‘The Queen’s Hat’ which introduces the children to many of the London landmarks. It would be lovely if you could spend some time this weekend researching the famous landmarks or if you’ve visited any of them, please send in some photos that we could share.  


Enjoy the weekend everyone!