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Summer Term 1

Week beginning 20th May


This week in maths we have been practising doubling.

We are very good at working out doubles to 5 in our head. We have even been trying to work out doubles to 10.

We played a fun doubles game, we sat in a circle with a dice, we said’ “Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble roll this dice and say the double.” Then when the dice landed we doubled the number showing. We played a quick fire doubles game, we got quite competitive!


At home you could play this doubles game:



Week Beginning 6th May


This week in maths we have been learning how to subtract.

We now know that take away and minus also mean the same as subtract.

We have played a subtraction bus game.  We counted people on the bus, to find out how many people to take off the bus we rolled a dice.

We used a target board, threw 2 balls and took the smallest number away from the largest. We have been writing the calculations on whiteboards.


At home you can play the subtraction popping game:


 In English this week we have been thinking about Safari and we have read the story “Handa’s Surprise”. We have written the story on the writing table and have role-played the story outdoors. In phonics we have labelled fruits to describe their taste and their appearance. This week we have also been practising our handwriting and concentrating on starting our leads and sitting our letters on the line.


At home you could describe the fruits that you eat to an adult.


This week in topic we have also focussed on Safari animals. We have shared the story “Giraffes Can’t Dance” and have made observational drawings of Safari animals. We have also used construction materials to build Safari vehicles.   

Week Beginning 29th April


This week we have been thinking about pets and we have read the story “Dear Zoo”. We have written letters asking the zoo to send us a pet. In our independent writing some people have written about their pets, whilst others have written about the type of pet they would like to have.


At home could you write a description of the pet you would like.


In Maths this week we have been finding 1 less than given numbers.

Now we know that to find 1 less we have to take subtract 1.

To find 1 less we made a tower of cubes then we took 1 away and counted how many were left. Some of us used a number line to jump back to find 1 less than a number.


At home you could use objects around your home to find 1 less. Maybe whilst eating, you could eat 1 thing and then count how many are left then repeat until it's all gone!


This week in Topic we have been learning about pets. We have had some special pet visitors and we learnt about how to care for them. We enjoyed stroking them and we even took the dog for a walk. We have used this information to think about what animals would make a good pet and why. We have also been very lucky to be visited by a vetinary nurse who told us about her job.


At home you could find out what pets people in your family would like and why. Could you write sentences about the pets they would like?


Week Beginning 22nd April


We hope you all enjoyed your Easter break.


This week in maths we have been exploring repeating patterns.
We have used lots of different objects to create our own repeating patterns, we even used ourselves! Some of us have created quite tricky ones.

We found natural objects outside to create a natural repeating pattern.


You could perhaps see what patterns you can find around your home.


In English this week we have been thinking about farm animals and we have read the story “What the Ladybird Heard”. During our lessons we described the Bad Men and the Ladybird. We have written about the story and have made our own “What the Ladybird Heard” books. We have enjoyed playing in our new role play areas, exploring the aquarium and looking after animals in our veterinary  surgery.


At home you could describe some of the characters in your favourite stories.


On Tuesday we received a phone call asking for our help to find a missing dog called Patch. The owner said he'd gone missing in our school grounds so we went to look for him. We found him behind a flower pot near the shed. Later we received a phone call from the zoo asking for our help to find a missing baby giraffe. We found the giraffe stuck high up in the tree. We think that he had climbed the tree to get some food but he was too small to get down! After rescuing the baby giraffe we returned to the classroom to find a monkey all tangled up in wool. Of course we had to help the monkey too so this week we have all become animal rescuers!


Later this week we have been learning about farm animals and we have thought about the things that they produce. We visited our school animals and thought about why they live where they do and what we need to do to look after them.