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Summer Term 1

Week Commencing 16th May


In English this week we have used our ‘baddie’ character and ‘goodie’ character to create our own story for a comic! The children have loved planning their story using a beginning, middle and end structure. Can you talk at home about the beginning, middle and end of stories you share together? Next week we will continue to write our comics showcasing our creative talents and superb handwriting.  


In Maths we have explored what it means to find half. We know that half means two equal groups. We found half of shapes and numbers up to 20. Ask your child to count out and even number of sweets or chocolates this weekend and share them into two equal groups; half for your child and half for you!  


In Science we have been testing materials after learning about their properties. We discussed why objects are made from certain materials based on their suitability and how they behave.  


During Design & Technology everyone designed a new invention for Manfred the Baddie using construction materials. Next week we will be constructing models based on our plans and evaluating our design.  


We have continued to add to our Ebooks this week and have added animation.  


In class assembly time this week we have talked about ourselves and qualities in ourselves that we are proud of. We have shared single sentences starting with ‘I am…’ and have been thinking of adjectives to describe ourselves, for example, I am clever, I am kind, I am funny. Can you think of more kind words to say about yourself this weekend and we will share them in class next week.  


Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Week Commencing 9th May


In English this week we have taken a detailed look at the main character in our book, Manfred. We have talked about him as a person, what he looks like, what he does, why he does these things. We then thought of some questions we would like to ask him if we ever met him... let’s hope not! We have then imagined our own characters for when we write our own story next week. Everyone has invented their own baddie and decided on what they do that’s bad. We have some very creative imaginations in Year One! Ask your child what their baddie is called and what they do. 


During our Maths learning time we have talked about sharing. The children are all now familiar with the mathematical terms sharing, groups and equal. We have challenged the children to share amounts up to 20 into equal groups, for example, I have 20 bananas, I share them into 4 groups, how many bananas are in each group? It would be wonderful if you could support this learning at home by modelling this language and doing this learning practically using objects around your home. Your child will be able to show you how we draw out sharing into groups. If you need support with this, please ask one of the Year 1 team.  


In Science we have talked about the properties of different materials. We recapped the names of materials we already know and then experienced touching a variety of different ones. The children really enjoyed describing the texture of different materials and thinking of objects they know made from them. Everyone has learnt some new scientific vocabulary too! Ask your child to tell you a material that is absorbent and opaque.  


In Geography, we went for a walk in our local area and looked at how things are changing.


For computing we have added some animation to our eBooks on Purple Mash! The children have really enjoyed doing this! Can you make an animation on Purple Mash at home? 


In PSHE we have continued to talk about staying safe. This week’s focus was staying safe around strangers. We discussed what a stranger is and how to behave around strangers. We went on to talk about how there are ‘safer strangers’ i.e. police officers, doctors, firefighters and how we can ask them for help if we need it.  


Have a wonderful weekend!

Week commencing 2nd May


This week in Maths we have been building arrays using cubes and representing them pictorially. We have also described arrays:


There are ____ on each row.
There are ____ rows.
There are ____ altogether.
We then wrote a repeated addition number sentence to represent the array.


We then moved onto doubles, we used cubes to help us to start with and then with lots of practice we are able to recall the doubles to 10 quickly - see how well we are doing - ask us to double a number between 1 and 10 and see how quickly we can answer!


In English we have continued to find out more about Manfred the Baddie. We have explored the thoughts and feelings of the characters in the story. After finding out that Manfred had been unwell and there was no one looking after him, we wrote him 'Get Well Soon' messages. We have also designed and made a sandwich for Manfred. Maybe you could help make sandwiches with grown ups at home this weekend.


In Science Squirrels have been looking at the properties of materials.


In Computing Hedgehogs have added more pages to their e-books and also learned how to add animation to their pictures to make them move.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend. 


Week Commencing 25th April


We were introduced to a new baddie in town this week…. Manfred! The children have loved starting our new book ‘Manfred the Baddie’ by John Fardell. They have decided that such an awful baddie needs capturing so we have written wanted posters to try and hunt him down. We used excellent adjectives to describe his appearance. Ask your child what he looks like and what makes him so bad!  


In Maths we have begun learning about multiplication. We have introduced this first as repeated addition using 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. For example, 5+5+5+5+5=25 or 10+10+10=30. We moved this learning on at the end of the week to use mathematical language such as ‘five groups of five is 25’ or ‘three groups of 10 is 30’. Everyone has enjoyed this learning and we will continue with multiplication next week.   


During our History lessons this week we celebrated St. George’s Day and baked scones!


In Science we have continued learning about materials and what different objects are made from.  


During RE this week we discussed baptisms. Have you ever been to a baptism? It would be lovely to find some photographs of a baptism you went to and discuss what happened during the service and why.  


In PSHE we learnt about staying safe at home. We talked about potential dangers in our home and how we stay safe. Ask your child what they know!  


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!   

Week Commencing 19th April


A big welcome back to everyone after our Easter break. We hope you had lots of fun making memories with your precious people!  


For our English lessons this week we have had a focus of handwriting. Please can you practice the ‘curly caterpillar family’ at home as we are seeing this extra practice make a huge difference to children’s presentation of their learning. We have also written some dictated sentences. Our classes love to do this and it is something which you can also replicate at home. The adults say the sentence (between 5-10 words) and the children repeat it. We repeat it in silly voices, tell the sentence to objects around the room and finally say it to our pencils before we write it. This embeds the sentence and reinforces the sentence structure. Try to include ‘tricky words’ in your sentences and sounds according to your child’s grapheme knowledge.   


In Maths we have consolidated some addition and subtraction using the part-part whole model. The children are now able to write two addition calculations and two subtraction calculations for a simple part-part whole model. Well done everyone!  


For our Science lessons this week we have introduced our new topic of materials. We have identified some common materials and know some objects that are made from them, e.g. wood, a shed is made from wood. Can you identify what some objects around your home are made from? 


In Computing we have started to make our own e-book on Purple Mash. We look forward to sharing these with you at the end of this half term.  


In PSHE we introduced the new topic ‘staying safe’. We thought about how we keep ourselves safe in different parts of our lives, for example, when riding our bikes, when playing in our homes, when out and about near a road. Can you discuss safety over the next week in different parts of your child’s life ready to share more safety top tips next week?