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Summer 2-India

Week ending 10.7.15


We have been finding out all about the elephant festival in India
and the festival of Holi. We celebrated the festival of colour playing games with the parachute and through dance.

We had lots of fun learning a 'Bollywood' dance with students from Turton 6th Form.



We also had lots of fun performing for our parents on Thursday afternoon. We dressed up in bright colours to remind us of Holi and performed a dance routine in groups of four.



Mr Yapp also joined us in school this week and shared an assembly all about friendship and values.

Week beginning 22.6.15


In literacy this week we have been reading stories about Hindu Gods. When we were writing we retold the story of Ganesh and explained our understanding of why Hindus display pictures or images of Ganesh in their homes and at special events.


At home you could support your child in retelling stories they have heard or read. Children love to make their own story books.


In maths we have revisited our understanding of subtraction and developed our written methods in solving subtractions from 2 digit numbers. Some children are now becoming confident in subtracting 3 digit numbers too. Well done everyone!


At home you can support your child in developing their understanding of subtraction.


In topic we have talked about the food we should eat to stay healthy and researched our favourite fruit in Year 2. Using this data we planned, designed and made fruit kebabs.

Some of the children suggested we could balance our fruit diet with a little treat of chocolate and they have worked very hard all year! smiley


This week some children also took part in their very first interview for the position of groomer at the upcoming fayre. Well done to each and every child who took part. You were fabulous!


Week beginning 15.6.15


In literacy this week we have been writing letters to the Hindu Temple to say thank you for making us feel so welcome when we visited and we have also been writing a recount all about our visit.


At home you can help your child by encouraging them to make a diary were they can write all about where they have been and what they have been doing.



In numeracy we have been revisiting our understanding of addition and developed our number skills in adding 2 digit numbers and some children are becoming quite confident in adding 3 digit numbers. Well done!


At home you can help your child by supporting their understanding of place value. Using ten and one pence coins will certainly help.


In topic lessons Miss Patel from the junior school came into our class and decorated all our hands with Henna. The patterns were beautiful. Thank you Miss Patel.


Class A also took part in a RHS lesson on Wednesday afternoon, learning all about organic materials and how to make compost. We had lots of fun!

Class B will complete the same activity next week.



Week beginning 8.6.15


We have had a very busy week. The weather was very kind to us on Tuesday and we had lots of fun playing different games. Thank you for your support!


Year 2 children decided they would like to make their very own vegetable curry so we have been very busy finding out which vegetables we would like to include. We worked in teams creating tally charts then bar graphs to show our findings.


Then we sent Mrs Stone shopping and we have carefully used peelers and knives to prepare our food. Now we just need to cook our curry and enjoy tasting it this afternoon. Photographs to follow.


Welcome back to school.


Week beginning 1.6.15


We have all showed off our fabulous reading, comprehension and writing skills this week. Well done Year 2!


In topic we have been finding out all about the different continents and oceans. We have located India on a map, found out all about their capital city and how we are linked to India.

We have also been planning the ingredients we will need to make our very own curry in school and enjoyed performing Indian dancing.