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Summer 2

Week Beginning 10&17.06.2019

Over the past 2 weeks we have continued with our IEYC topic 'Animal Rescuers.' We have been busy learning all about minibeasts and the children loved it so much, we did 2 weeks of learning all about it! In topic we have loved going on minibeast hunts outside, seeing which minibeasts we can find in our outdoor area. We were then able to look at each one closely to see how many legs it had, if it had wings or not and any other special adaptations it had. We have also been busy looking after some of our own caterpillars, we watched them eat their food and get fatter and fatter before making their chyrsalis. After that, we had some very beautiful butterflies emerge! We loved feeding them fruit before letting them go in our outdoor area.


In Maths, we have been using ladybirds to do some ladybird counting and adding! We have been counting the spots on each of their wings before adding the two wings together, the children are getting very good at this. We have also been learning about making repeating patterns, we have done this with colours and shapes and even looked at some tricky patterns with 3 parts! Can you make any patterns at home? You could even do it with your lego e.g. red block, green block, blue block, red, green, blue etc...


In phonics, all of the children have been learning the letter sounds m,a,s,d,t,i. They are very good at making the sound of each letter and have been practicing writing them too. Can you practice forming any of these letters at home? As well as learning the letter sounds, the children have been thinking of words and finding objects that start with each of the sounds. Hearing initial sounds in words is a key part of learning how to read and the children are getting very good at this!


Finally, Miss Kelly has passed her teacher training with outstanding results! We are so pleased for her and all of her hard work has paid off. Sadly, this means that next week will be Miss Kelly's last week in nursery with us at Eagley Infant School. The children and staff alike are going to miss her very much and would like to wish her lots of luck in the future with her teaching career. The children that you teach are going to be incredibly lucky!


Hope you all have a super weekend!