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Summer 2

Week beginning 4th July 2022


This week in English we have continued exploring the text 'Greta and the Giants'.

We found out more about Greta Thunberg's passion to improve the world in which we live and how she travelled to New York, on a yacht, and gave her famous speech at the United Nations.

We then presented what we had learnt in a newspaper article. 


In Maths we have been finding out about temperature and how to read a thermometer.

We have also been solving lots of Mathematical problems using the skills we have gained in Year 2.


We have really enjoyed our money making enterprise, selling ice pops to Year 1 and Year 2 children at morning playtimes.

We are becoming increasingly adept at counting in 20's and think we will be able to buy the storage containers we would like for our creative area. Thank you grown ups for supporting this project.

We have enough stock to sell ice pops for the last time on Monday 11th July. 


In the afternoons we have been busy drawing and making items to enter at Longridge Show on Saturday 9th July. We are hoping we will win lots of rosettes! 

We have also been practising for our leavers service, which the children are very excited about. You are in for a real treat!


Have a lovely weekend.


Week beginning 27th June 2022


This week in English we have been reading the story 'Greta and the Giants' and have found out about the young Conservationist Greta Thunberg.

We have learnt about some of the causes of 'global warming' and have decided how we can help take care of our precious world.

We have already planted lots of flowers around the school grounds to attract butterflies and bees and we have promised to switch off the classroom lights when we go out to play and not waste paper.

Homework Challenge - Ask your special grown ups if you can help sort out items into the correct recycling bins at home.


In Maths we have been learning about weighing.

We have used vocabulary such as 'heavier than' and 'lighter than' to compare objects.

We have also used our knowledge of our 2x, 5x and 10x tables to read weigh scales.

Homework Challenge - maybe you could help weigh out some ingredients with your special grown ups to make a cake this weekend.


In Music we have been practising hard for our violin concerts.

We can't wait to show off our musical talents for you.


Over the next two weeks your children will be undertaking a small money making enterprise.

They will be in charge of selling ice pops at playtimes for 20p each.

They will collect and count the money raised, and hopefully make a profit, which will go towards purchasing some lovely storage containers for our creative area.


Have a super weekend.



Week beginning 20th June 2022


This week in English we have continued our learning about the book 'Tidy'.

Pete, who is the main character in the text, tried to tidy up the forest so much that he destroyed all the animals homes and their food!

He chopped down  the trees, picked up all the leaves, mopped up any mud and laid concrete over the soil!

The children wrote letters, on behalf of the animals, to persuade Pete to mend his ways and put the forest back to normal.  



We have sent home a spelling list in the children's reading packets this week. 

Please learn for a test on Wednesday 29th June.

(We are preparing our Year 2 children for when they move over to the Juniors and have  weekly spelling tests. Thank you)


In Maths we  completed our work on time. 

We can now tell the time to the hour, half hour and quarter to and quarter past the hour on an analogue clock.

Challenge - Practise telling the time at home with your grown ups.


In our Science learning we have been finding out about food chains.

We had to find 3 living things that were linked in a food chain 

eg  grass, cow, human

Challenge - Find a food chain for each of the following habitats

1. Desert

2. Ocean

3. Rainforest

4. Arctic

5. Pond


In Geography we have been finding out about the worlds continents and oceans.


Have a fun filled weekend.