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Summer 2

Week beginning 20th June

This week we have learnt about jungle animals and where they live. We learnt that there are jungles all over the world and we explored this on our world map. We listened to the sounds that different jungle animals make and we learnt what each animal eats. We have spent lots of time outdoors this week and we have talked about keeping safe in the sun by wearing hats and suncream and playing in the shade. 


In phonics this week we have continued to practice segmenting and blending sounds cvc words. In Maths we have been learning about the number 2. We watched Number Blocks and then we found what we have 2 of on our bodies.  

Week beginning 13th June

This week we have been playing in our new Jungle Role Play. We have been explorers and we have been spotting different animals. We have also enjoyed playing in our new reading den and ice cream shop outdoors. We have been using part part whole to explore numbers and we have been making animals enclosures out of the construction. 


In our phonics learning this week we have been practising segmenting and blending sounds in words. We had to guess what was inside the magic bag. Some of the things we found were a h-a-t hat, p-e-n pen and a c-u-p cup. You could practise this at home by asking a grown up to sound out items and finding them.

In our number learning we have been learning about the number 1. We have been finding 1 of a range of objects and we sang the song 'One Finger One Thumb Keep Moving'. At home you could have a look around your home and see what objects you have one of. 

Week beginning 6th June

Welcome back for our last half term of Nursery. We have had an exciting week this week, preparing for our Jubilee Party. We have made crowns and flags and learnt some Jubilee Songs. We loved celebrating our Jubilee Party. We had a picnic lunch, some party treats and played some party games.