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Summer 1

Week beginning 18th May

This week in Nursery we released the butterflies that we had looked after over the term. The first one was a little reluctant to leave us, but the second butterfly quickly fluttered away. We created some butterfly symmetrical pictures using pipettes to drop paint.

After the half-term holiday we are finding out about different mini-beasts. Have a lovely week off and see you soon.

Week beginning 11th May

This week in Nursey we went on an adventure to the big field. We enjoyed running up and rolling down the hill. Good job we had our waterproofs on! We were ready for a drink and biscuit after using all that energy. We also read the story of The Gingerbread Man. See if you can tell your family the story? Then we decorated gingerbread men biscuits with eyes and buttons, counting how many altogether. We have also been investigating mixing different colours of paint together, talking about light and dark colours. The exciting news is that we have 3 butterflies that have emerged from their cocoons. We have been looking after them by giving them nectar and fruit.

Next term we will be learning about mini-beasts and next week we will be setting up the role play as a bug camp.




Week beginning 4th May

This week we created some lovely, curly patterns using thick and thin string dipped in paint. Our pea plants have grown really fast because we looked after them, giving them water and sunshine. You can take them home this week and look after them inside until it is warm enough to put them outside. We have enjoyed using the tweezers to put different shaped cereal into bottles. We were very impressed that everyone has managed to use them really well.

Next week we will be mixing paint to see which new colours we can make and going on an adventure to the big field!


Week beginning 27th April

In Nursery this week we drew Daddy Bear's, Mummy Bear's and Baby Bear's breakfast bowls, then filled them with different shaped cereals. We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, then we planted some pea seeds. What do we have to do to look after them? We will watch them carefully to see how they grow. Our caterpillars have been spinning a cocoon around themselves and we have put them in the hanging net. We hope they all change into butterflies. 

Next week we will be using the puppets to retell our favourite fairy tales and creating string patterns with different thicknesses of string.


Week beginning 20th April

This week in Nursery we have read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Billy Goats Gruff, talking about the characters. In the Three Bears Cottage we chose a character and made a bowl of porridge to eat. Some of us enjoyed it so much that we had two bowls of porridge! Our five little caterpillars arrived last week and we have been watching them carefully to see what they are doing. They have grown longer and wider and are not tiny little caterpillars any more. We can't wait to see what happens next.

Next week we will be drawing different sized breakfast bowls and reading some different fairy tales.

Week beginning 13th April

It has been lovely to welcome the children back after the Easter holidays.

We are reading lots of Fairy Tales this half-term and have set up the role-play area as The Three Bears Cottage. We went on a walk following a picture map and found some clues. Can you remember who had been in our shed? We also practised our counting using the different sized bears. We are getting very good at counting out objects.

Next week we will be making and tasting porridge, pretending we are the three bears.