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Summer 1 Home and Away

Week beginning 18th May


We have had a very busy week! On Monday we visited a Hindu Temple in Bolton to start all our learning for next half term which is all about India. Thank you to all parent volunteers who shared our day. We immediately returned to school and developed our role play, which includes a home from a village in India together with a shrine based on the Temple visit.

On Tuesday we visited Jumbles Country Park. Once again, thank you to all parent volunteers that joined us on our visit. On Monday afternoon we had watched a (creative) news report all about a proposal to turn Jumbles into a Tesco supermarket! The children thankfully recognised all the important habitats and leisure activities that Jumbles had to offer and recorded their own video report on reasons why Jumbles should be saved! Well done Year 2! Please reassure the children that Jumbles is safe.


At home you could help your child with their research homework all about India. Children have chosen certain areas of India to research to share with their friends on their return to school. Please find further information in your child's reading packet.


Week beginning 11th May


In Literacy we have been developing our planning skills using mind maps to research facts about nocturnal animals. Then we have used new vocabulary to describe nocturnal animals and explained how nocturnal animals use their senses during the night.


At home you can help your child by supporting them in writing sentences about the nocturnal animals they researched, always remembering to read what we have written to check it makes sense. Have you included capital letters and the correct punctuation?


In Maths we have revisited our understanding of multiplication and the inverse operation division. We can share between 2, 5 or 10 and can interpret and division and multiplication questions. We have also looked at solving division problems with remainders.


At home you can help your child learn their times tables and continue to develop their understanding of the inverse operation division.


In Topic we have looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and been inspired to create our own sculptures using natural materials.


We have also made our own map of our walk from Goodly Dale Primary School to Bowness-on-Windermere, adding a key and coordinates.

Week beginning 5th May


In Literacy we have been recognising features of non fiction books and in particular report writing. We have created non chronological reports and developed our computing skills by creating our very own leaflets using Purplemash. At home you could support your child in creating their own non chronological reports using their individual 2 simple log ins (Children should have these in their reading records, however Miss Currie can provide additional details).


In Maths we have continued our learning all about time. We are developing our confidence in reading both analogue and digital times. You can help your child at home by continuing to develop their skills in reading the time.


In the afternoons we have continued learning all about habitats and why animals choose certain homes. We have also compared the similarities and differences of natural and built features of Bromley Cross and Lake Windermere and painted some beautiful landscape pictures of Lake Windermere.


In Literacy we have been developing our story writing skills. We enjoyed reading 'The Rescue Party' and focused on using our imagination to change the dilemma in the story. We have worked really hard and completed writing our own fantastic stories.


You can help your child at home by talking about the stories you share and helping them use their imagination to change events. Can they write what the characters would say to each other?


In Maths we have been learning all about the properties of shape. We started to recognise the difference in regular and irregular shapes and even started to find lines of symmetry.  We have also been solving problems with measure.


You can help your child at home by sharing real life problems involving measure. We have been finding out how many litres of water we will need to take to Goodly Dale so that we can have a drink at each meal time.


In the afternoon we have been thinking about what it is like to live in Windermere. We have written and emailed questions to ask the children at Goodly Dale Primary School. We have also started our science topic, finding out all about plants and habitats at home (in the school grounds).