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Summer 1

Week Beginning 06.05.19

This week we have been learning all about jungle and rainforest animals as part of our IEYC topic. This has been really interesting and the children have loved learning about some very interesting and unusual animals. We learned all about what noises you might hear in a jungle and rainforest and listened carefully to identify different animals. We have loved reading stories such as Rumble in the Jungle and have been doing animal boogies!


We have also been using tubes to make our own musical instruments. It rains lots in a rainforest so we made our very own rain sticks. We tried putting different things inside them to see which objects would make the best rain sound. The children then stuck a lid on and decorated their rain stick.


Finally, we have loved continuing with our phonics and every day we are becoming more confident at recognising and writing our letter sounds. We have now learned m,a,s,d and love thinking of words that start with these sounds! Can you find anything around your house that begins with one of the letter sounds?


Have a super weekend of fun!

Week Beginning 29.04.2019

This week our 'Animal Rescuers' topic has been all about farm animals. We have loved learning all about the different animals and their produce. We learned all about how we get our milk from cows, our eggs from chickens and even ducks, and that bread is produced from wheat grown on the farm. It has been very interesting to learn about and we chose to follow our learning up by cooking our own farmyard  breakfast. We used eggs and milk to make scrambled egg, toasted our bread and had some delicious orange juice. The children were very excited to see how products get from farm to fork!


This week we have continued to explore our outdoor area, looking at the signs of Spring. The children loved drawing a picture of something that reminds them of Spring and were very good at looking at small details when they did their drawings.


We have also continued with our phonics learning. This week, all the children have learned the 'a' sound and we are beginning to learn the 's' sound. Please look at the document below to show you the rhymes that we use to write our sounds and the videos to model the correct pre-cursive letter formation. Please practice recognising and writing these sounds with your child.


Have a a lovely weekend!


Letter formation - m

Still image for this video

Letter formation - a

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Letter formation - s

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Week Beginning 22.04.19

We hope everyone had an amazing Easter break, we were very excited to see everybody again! This half term we are beginning a new IEYC topic called 'Animal Rescuers' and so far, the children are really enjoying it.


To begin the topic, we have been learning all about pets this week and it has been very hands on! On Tuesday, Miss Kelly brought her pet tortoise to school and the children really enjoyed learning about all the different things a tortoise needs to be a happy pet. The children discussed why it had a hard shell and what it was used for. On Thursday, Miss Bowker brought her pet dog, Holly, and the children loved spending time with her and learning about what a dog needs to be a happy pet. The children took her for walks and loved stroking her.


We have had lots of other exciting animal news this week, in nursery the children are very excited that some eggs have arrived in an incubator! We loved talking about what could be growing inside the eggs and all the different animals that lay them, and we discovered that our eggs are duck eggs. Hopefully, in around 3 weeks time, we should have some ducklings! As well as that, lots of our tadpoles have turned into froglets and have been taken back to their pond. We hope the rest will go back to their pond next week, but the children have loved learning about the life cycle of a frog.


Phonics is an amazing part of children's learning and we are very excited that we have begun teaching phonics in nursery this week! This week all the children have learned the letter 'm' and have practiced saying it, writing it and thinking of words that begin with it. We really appreciate your support as we begin to teach phonics and hope that you are enjoying your new reading books. Well done to everybody who has done 5 reads! Below, there is a document attached with each of the letter sounds we will learn, in the order that we will learn them. Lots of children in nursery attend different amounts of sessions, therefore some children will learn letter sounds at different times than others, please speak with your child each week about which sounds they have been learning so that you can practice recognising and writing them at home. For anybody who was unable to make the phonics workshop, below is a phonics video explaining how each of the letter sounds is pronounced.


Have a lovely weekend!

Phonics letters with rhymes

Information for Parents: How to say the sounds