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Summer 1

Week beginning 16th May

This week we read the story 'Oliver's Vegetables'. We learnt about how we can prepare and cook different vegetables and about where they grow in the garden. We explored outside and we pulled up some rhubarb from our vegetable patch. We washed it, chopped it and cooked it and we made it into a rhubarb crumble. We ate it for our snack with some ice-cream and most people thought it was delicious. We have also spent time preparing our gardens ready for planting our vegetables. The year two children have been to visit us this week and we have enjoyed showing them around our area and sharing our toys with them. 


In our number learning we have been ordering things by size, using vocabulary such as smallest, smaller, small, big, bigger and biggest. In our phonics learning we have learnt the phonemes 'n' and 'm'.

At home you could search for items beginning with the sounds 'n' and 'm' and find out who is the shortest and tallest person in your family.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Week beginning 9th May

We have been learning about farm animals this week and how they are important. We learnt that some animals produce milk for us to drink and we also discovered what milk can be used to make. We have used cream to make butter, which we ate on crackers. It was delicious! We have had a wonderful time visiting our school animals. We saw our sheep, pony, kids, ducks and hens. We have also had an exciting time this week watching our chicks hatch. We saw them pippin and unzipping and they are now keeping warm in a brooder. 


In phonics this week we have learnt the phoneme 'i' and in maths we have been using part, part, whole to explore ways of making numbers. 

Week beginning 2nd May

This week we have been bug explorers around our school grounds. We learnt about different kinds of minibeasts and their habitats. Then we predicted where we would find minibeasts and explored our school grounds. We found worms, ladybirds, woodlice, slugs, snails and millipedes. We have searched for bugs in our bug hotel and some children made a new one. 

In our play we have made butterfly pictures, created our own bugs on our craft table and put the correct number of spots on ladybirds in our maths area. We have also practised our fine motor skills by carefully placing buttons and sequins along animal trails.


In Maths we have practised positional language such as on, under, next to, in between and behind. 


In phonics we have learnt the phonemes 't' and 'p'. We have named items that start with the sound and practised recognising and forming the grapheme. 

Week beginning 25th April

This week we have been learning about the life-cycle of a frog. We have examined our tadpoles and we learnt that they hatched from frog spawn and will grow into froglets before growing into frogs. We have also explored how our chicks will be growing and developing inside their shells. We have played in our Farm Shop, taking and preparing orders and paying for items. We have also enjoyed playing with our small world farm. 


As part of our phonics learning we have learnt the phonemes 's' and 'a' and identified words that begin with these sounds. In mathematics we have sung the song "5 Little Speckled Frogs" and talked about how many frogs are left when some jump in the pool. 


At home you could go on a sound hunt to find items that begin with 's' and 'a'.


Have a lovely weekend. smiley

Week beginning 18th April

Welcome to the summer term.

We have had a busy and exciting start to our learning this week. This term we will be learning about spring and growth and this week we have welcomed eggs into our setting. We have placed them in an incubator and over the next few weeks we will be observing them as they hatch into chicks. We have been busy this week playing in our new Farm Shop role play area and we have enjoyed exploring the seasonal changes in our outdoor area. 


This week we have also had a visit from the road safety team and we learnt that it is important to hold a grown ups hand when we walk anywhere where there is traffic. We learnt how to identify lollipop people and how to cross the road safely with a lollipop person.