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Summer 1

Week Beginning 16th May 2022

This week we have loved listening to the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar in our Literacy lessons. We discussed all of the food that the caterpillar ate and talked about our own favourite foods. The children have been busy writing sentences about food they love to eat!


In Maths, we have been doing lots of addition. We have been doing addition up to 10, followed by making our maths a 'Mad Maths' lesson. We started with addition problems that had missing numbers and then we started adding with fruit! E.g. 2 + apple = 6 .... so what number is the apple worth?


In phonics we have been busy recapping all of our previous sounds and applying them into our reading and writing. This week, your homework has come home in your child's reading packet for you to have a go at. You could practice reading the sentences at home and selecting the correct picture to match each sentence!


In the afternoons, we have completed our art process, creating Sunflower pictures just like Van Gogh. They look brilliant and the children have used lots of different processes to be able to create their art work. Well done everyone!


We have also been busy caring for our little chicks that are not so little anymore! They are getting bigger by the day and they children have loved holding them and observing them as they have changed, grown and developed over the last week.


Finally, this week we have been busy outside. We have been using the bikes to develop our gross motor and balance skills, we have been building with the large construction equipment, developing our team work skills.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Week Beginning 9th May 2022

This week we have had an EGGcellent time! 

As I am sure you have heard from your very excited children or the very excited staff, we have been lucky enough to watch some of our baby chicks hatch out of their eggs! We look forward to caring for our chicks until they are much older and ready to go outside. We are also keeping 'chick diaries' and writing sentences each week about how the chicks have grown and changed!


In phonics we have continued recapping our sounds and have learned the sound 'ur' with the rhyme 'nurse with a purse.' The children have been busy reading and writing 'ur' words such as burn, turn, hurt, surf. Please have a go at our homework on 


In maths this week we have been learning about number 19 and 20. We learned that 19 is made up of 10 and 9 and 20 is made up of two 10's! We have been practising addition up to 20 and have been composing larger numbers from 2 or 3 smaller ones.


In the afternoons we have also been continuing with our Van Gogh artwork, creating our own sunflower paintings! This week we mixed our own shades of green to paint the stem and cut out pieces of sponge into petal shapes to be able to print our yellow petals!


Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)

Week beginning 3rd May 2022

We have had such an exciting week at school. We have continued to look at the story 'Bee and Me' and have now come to the end. The children have been retelling the story using their amazing ideas about the characters. We have also been writing sentences about what has happened in the story, focusing on the importance of bees. We are so proud of the children's wonderful writing this week! 


In Maths we have been learning about the numbers 16, 17 and 18. The children have been so excited about exploring these numbers with Number Blocks and lady birds. For example we have explored that 10+6=16, 9+9=18 or 7+3+7=17 etc. 


In Phonics we have been busy learning two new sounds; or and ar. We have been reading words such as; farm, arm, corn and born. We will continue to practice these sounds next week in our phonics sessions. Over the weekend you can access Education City to practice these sounds. You can access via this website link: 


The children have been so excited observing their sunflowers grow. They have been creating observational drawings of their sunflowers and discussed the process that has happened. They have also started to create their amazing Van Gough pictures, using water colours to paint the sky and the grass. They can't wait to become famous artists like him!


Have a lovely weekend! 




Week Beginning 19th April 2022

We hope you had a wonderful Easter break and it is so nice to see you all again!


We have had a wonderfully exciting and busy week back at school. This week we have started a new book called 'Bee and Me' and have started by looking at the front cover, blurb, front page and last page in order to make predictions about the story. We have also been busy writing facts that we already know about bees! We have done some wonderful writing.


In Maths we have been busy subtracting using the language "first, then and now." We have looked at pictures that show us different subtraction stories e.g. first there were 8 frogs on the log, then 3 jumped off, now there are 5.


In phonics we have been busy recapping the sounds we have already learned, we will continue to recap and apply these sounds into words and short sentences. At home you could practice writing words that have the following sounds in: 

1. ai - e.g. rain, wait

2. ee - e.g. sheep, keep

3. igh - e.g. night, light

4. oa - e.g. boat, soap

5. oo - e.g. boot, mood

6. oo (u) - e.g. foot, wood


This week we have been lucky enough to have some exciting new arrivals in our Reception unit! We have had some tadpoles arrive from Mrs Clarkson's pond that we will care for and observe for a few weeks before safely returning them to their home! 

The children have then explored fiction and non-fiction books about frogs, discussed the differences between the books and learned all about a frog's life cycle!


This week we have also had some eggs arrive! The children have looked closely at the eggs and their differences and we learned that there are lots of different breeds of chickens. Our eggs have been placed into an incubator and we have learned about the purpose of an incubator and have created a calendar to countdown how long we have until the baby chicks hatch!


Have a great weekend everyone!