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Summer 1

Week Beginning 24th May


Happy half term everyone! The children have been fantastic this half term and we have been so impressed with their learning across the curriculum.

 We hope you all have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing everyone again on Wednesday 9th June.



This week we have created our own amazing comic strips! We started off by creating our own goodie character to help our baddie and the used a story mountain to help plan our beginning, middle and end. Finally we wrote our comic strip, making sure we included speech bubbles in our pictures to show what characters are saying. 


Can you draw your own comic strip at home?



This week has been all about position and direction. We made different turns like half turns, quarter turns, three quarter turns and whole turns. Then we used the correct vocabulary to describe the position of objects. We used instructions like left, right, up and down to give directions.


We have really enjoyed dancing along with the Hip Hop Granny - you can watch her at home here


At home can you give someone directions to get to a room in your house?




Science - we talked about the seasons and seasonal changes then we sorted pictures into the correct season. 


Computing - we continued to work on our coding and programming skills.


Creative - we used a range of different construction kits to design and make our own inventing machines, just like Manfred the Baddie did in our story!



Week beginning 17th May


Maths - This week we have been learning about quarters. We found a quarter of a shape or object and then started to quarter numbers. We were superstars and worked out that if we halved the number and then halved the number again then we would find the quarter!


At home practise cutting your food into quarters - remember to half it and then half it again.


English – We have enjoyed more of the story of Manfred the Baddie by John Fardell. We designed and made a delicious sandwich for Manfred. We then wrote a set of instructions on 'How to make a jam sandwich'.

Later in the week we created our own baddie in preparation for creating our own comic strip.


At home can you write a set of instructions for something you do, for example, 'How to make your bed. or 'How to set the table'



Science – we have been identifying and naming trees in our school grounds and working out whether they are deciduous or evergreen.


Creative – This week we have been looking at the plants that we eat and sorting them according the part of the plant that we eat - leaf, root, stem, flower, seed or fruit.


Computing – we been moving the rocket around the maze by giving it a set of instructions. We have done very well.

Week beginning Monday 10th May


Another super week of learning here in year 1, Mrs Marshall and Mrs Tibbitts continue to be blown away by all your amazing work - thank you for being such superstars! smiley


Maths – this week we have been finding out all about halving. We found a half of a shape or object and then started to halve numbers. We were very clever and noticed the relationship between doubling and halving!


At home ask a grown up to test you on your halving skills, ask them to give you a number and see how quickly you can tell them the number that is half of it.


English – we started our new focus book this week, it is called Manfred the Baddie by John Fardell. We haven’t read the whole story yet but we already love it! We started off by thinking of baddies we know from films and stories, then we drew and annotated our favourite. We have also made a wanted poster for Manfred and added speech bubbles to the characters in the book.


At home can you describe Manford to a grown up? Which adjectives would you use to describe what he looks like?



Science – we have been learning all about the parts of plant and the jobs that they each do. We made our own super plant collage pictures and labelled them too.


Creative – This week we did some drama and role play in the  outdoor classroom.


Computing – we have started to learn how to code and we have looked at programmable toys.

Week beginning 3rd May


We have had yet another busy and fun filled week in year 1! On Friday morning, along with lots of other primary schools in Greater Manchester, we joined in with an online performance of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' We have been learning the songs in school and enjoyed singing along to the story. 




This week we started by making equal groups by grouping. For example: There are 10 in total. There are 2 in each group. How many groups? ______


Then we practically made equal groups by sharing. For example: Share 10 counters between 5 equal groups. There are _____ altogether. There are _____ groups in total. There are _____ in each group. 


Can you practice making equal groups at home?

You could play this game at home:





This week we began by thinking about writing our own version of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ We shared ideas about changing parts of the story – the character, the setting. We each created our own story map for our version. We retold our stories in small groups and then in front of the whole class. When we became familiar with our version of the story we wrote our very own version! We are very proud of ourselves. Our teachers are very proud of us too!


Can you retell your version of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ to someone at home?




Science – we continued to observe and measure the beans we planted and wrote in our bean diaries. We thought back to our learning about wild plants from last week and then drew and wrote descriptive sentences about some of the plants we recognised.

Computing – we are getting so much quicker at logging in to our Purple Mash accounts! This week we used the 2Publish program and we drew a picture and wrote a descriptive sentence about our character that we had thought of for our version of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

Creative – we created a map showing ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ we tried to use a key on our map.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Week beginning Monday 26th April


What another busy and fun filled week we have had in year 1!




We started the week by learning to make arrays to represent repeated addition. We applied our learning about equal groups from last week to build and then describe arrays. We were fantastic at this! We also thought about doubling numbers to 10 this week and developed our understanding that doubling is 2 groups of the same amount / number.


Can you make and describe an array to a grown up at home?




We continued with our work about wild things this week. We received a letter from the wild things asking us if we could find Max for them so we wrote missing posters, using adjectives to give clear descriptions. We then wrote letters back to the wild things explaining why Max wouldn’t be coming back to be their King again.


Can you use super adjectives to describe someone to a grown up? Can they work out who you are describing?



Science – we observed the beans we planted last week and then went wild plant spotting in the outdoor classroom.

Computing – we have been learning to save our work.

Creative – we designed and made a new boat for Max to sail away in.


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone! 

Week beginning Monday 19th April


Welcome back – we can’t believe it is the summer term already! We hope you had a lovely Easter break, the children have all returned to school full of enthusiasm and ready to learn which is fantastic smiley



We have started the week by reading our new focus text ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. We have been retelling the story using our own story maps and then we put on our acting hats and acted out the story in groups. During our performances we tried to use words and language from the story, move like the characters and speak clearly. We enjoyed watching each other perform!


Can you tell a grown up at home the story of Max and the Wild Things? Remember to tell the story in order and to use language from the book.



We have started to learn about multiplication as repeated addition this week. We have practised our counting in twos, fives and tens and then matched different representations of repeated addition to calculations. We have amazed Mrs Marshall and Mrs Tibbitts with our understanding!


Ask a grown up to think of a multiple of ten, can you tell them how many tens are in that number?



We have been very busy in the afternoons this week!

In science we have started our topic on plants, we have each planted our own beans and started a bean diary to record what happens to our seed over the next few weeks.

We have been creative with Miss Bowker and created our own wild things.

In computing we have been learning to log on independently to Purple Mash and the importance of keeping our password secret.


Can you log on to Purple Mash at home?