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Summer 1

Week beginning Monday 26th April


What another busy and fun filled week we have had in year 1!




We started the week by learning to make arrays to represent repeated addition. We applied our learning about equal groups from last week to build and then describe arrays. We were fantastic at this! We also thought about doubling numbers to 10 this week and developed our understanding that doubling is 2 groups of the same amount / number.


Can you make and describe an array to a grown up at home?




We continued with our work about wild things this week. We received a letter from the wild things asking us if we could find Max for them so we wrote missing posters, using adjectives to give clear descriptions. We then wrote letters back to the wild things explaining why Max wouldn’t be coming back to be their King again.


Can you use super adjectives to describe someone to a grown up? Can they work out who you are describing?



Science – we observed the beans we planted last week and then went wild plant spotting in the outdoor classroom.

Computing – we have been learning to save our work.

Creative – we designed and made a new boat for Max to sail away in.


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone! 

Week beginning Monday 19th April


Welcome back – we can’t believe it is the summer term already! We hope you had a lovely Easter break, the children have all returned to school full of enthusiasm and ready to learn which is fantastic smiley



We have started the week by reading our new focus text ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. We have been retelling the story using our own story maps and then we put on our acting hats and acted out the story in groups. During our performances we tried to use words and language from the story, move like the characters and speak clearly. We enjoyed watching each other perform!


Can you tell a grown up at home the story of Max and the Wild Things? Remember to tell the story in order and to use language from the book.



We have started to learn about multiplication as repeated addition this week. We have practised our counting in twos, fives and tens and then matched different representations of repeated addition to calculations. We have amazed Mrs Marshall and Mrs Tibbitts with our understanding!


Ask a grown up to think of a multiple of ten, can you tell them how many tens are in that number?



We have been very busy in the afternoons this week!

In science we have started our topic on plants, we have each planted our own beans and started a bean diary to record what happens to our seed over the next few weeks.

We have been creative with Miss Bowker and created our own wild things.

In computing we have been learning to log on independently to Purple Mash and the importance of keeping our password secret.


Can you log on to Purple Mash at home?