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Summer 1

Week Beginning 3rd May 2021

This week we have been busy writing our own stories based on the little boy we often saw in the book 'Bee and Me.' The children thought carefully about the little boy, who he was, what he was doing and how he was feeling. The children created wonderful stories about the little boy on his very own adventures!


In maths we have revisited repeating patterns, looking carefully at how many colours/objects/sounds are in each unit of pattern. We have done this with AB, ABC, ABB and ABBC patterns. After we completing repeating patterns, we created our own patterns! Next we looked at identifying mistakes in repeating patterns, the children were great at this! We have loved using shapes in our repeating patterns too, continuing our learning about names of shapes and their properties.


In phonics...


Red Group

We have been recapping all of our sounds, focussing particularly on 'oa' and 'ur.' We are working hard to use our sounds in words as well as write sentences. We are working hard to write sentences with finger spaces between our words independently.


Blue Group

We have been busy practicing 'ch' and 'sh' and writing both 'ch' and 'sh' words without mixing the sounds up! We have been practising to read and write common exception words 'the' and 'I' from memory. 


Green Group

We have recapped all of our sounds so far, focussing on 'ure' and 'ear' this week. We have used these sounds in words and sentences.


In topic, our caterpillars started the week building their chrysalises! The children have learned all about the next stage of the life cycle and read lots of stories such as 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and 'The Cautious Caterpillar' and compared them to non-fiction books about life cycles. We are great at recognising the difference between fiction and non-fiction books and looking for the information we need in non-fiction books. We have created our own life cycle of a butterfly posters and labelled each part of the life cycle. We have also done observational drawings of the chrysalises we have in our classroom!


Have a lovely weekend!! 

Week Beginning 26th April 2021

This week we have been busy continuing with our 'Bee and Me' story in writing. We have retold the story and ordered the pictures as well as discussed the timeline of the book. We have been on our own bee adventures just like the little girl in the story and we saw lots of amazing things! We have had a go at writing sentences to describe what we saw and have worked hard using words such as 'first', 'then' and 'next' in our writing.


In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes and their properties and creating our own shape pictures. We have been looking carefully at shapes and what happens if we cut them in half. E.g. if we cut a circle in half we get 2 semi-circles. We have learned that shapes can have other shapes within them, just as numbers can. We have also started to use our knowledge of 2D shapes, to look at the faces on some 3D shapes!


In phonics...


Blue Group

We have learned common exception word 'the' this week. We have practised reading and writing the word 'the' as well as continuing with our 'ch' and 'sh' sounds! We have been writing captions such as 'the ship' and 'the chip.'


Red Group

We have been been practising our common exception words 'me, we, be, he and she.' We have also practised the sounds 'ar' 'or' and 'ur.' We have used these sounds and words to write short sentences too!


Green Group

We have been practising the 'air' and 'er' sound as well as introducing the 'ure' sound this week. We have used these sounds to practise writing words such as 'mature', 'cure' and 'pure.' We have put these words into short sentences too!


In topic, we have been busy making observational drawings of our baby caterpillars! We looked carefully at what they looked like to draw them in our new diaries! We will draw the different stages of the life cycle each week as we watch it unfold!

We have also looked at the life cycle of a seed this week! We looked at a non-fiction book called 'seed to sunflower' and a fiction story called 'Cedric the Seed'. We compared the story with the non-fiction book and discussed the differences in the two. Next, we went outside and planted our own sunflower seeds which we can't wait to see grow!



Week Beginning 19th April 2021

Welcome back everyone! It's been lovely to see everybody after our two week break and especially lovely to have Mrs Ward back in Reception with the Brilliant Butterfly class. What a busy first week back we have had! This week we have started our new topic called 'Bee and Me.' This half term we will be basing lots of our learning around the story 'Bee and Me' as well as learning about lots of other animals, growth and life cycles!


In our writing lessons we have read the story 'Bee and Me' which is a picture book. This meant we had to look carefully at the illustrations to really understand what the story was about and what was happening. We have discussed what was happening in the story and told our own versions by cutting up pictures from the book and putting them back into the right order. We have also been writing sentences about bees, learning to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


In our maths lessons we have been learning and recapping our number bonds to 5. We have explored all of the different ways to make 5 and even learned the commutative law! This means that we discovered if 1+4=5, then 4+1=5 too! Some children even started to have a go at the inverse operations and discovered that 5-4=1 and 5-1=4! What super maths learning we have done this week! At home, you could show your child 5 toys under a blanket, cover them over and then show them you have taken 2 of the toys out. Ask your child "If I have taken 2 of the toys from under the blanket, how many are still hiding under there? How do you know?" 

Fun games like these are a great way to reinforce learning and number bonds to 5. Asking your child to explain how they found out the answer, means they are wonderful mastery mathematicians! 


In topic we have loved learning even more about bees! We have read non-fiction books about bees to discover some factual information about them. We now know that when we read a non-fiction book, we don't have to start at the beginning, we can use the contents page to locate the information we want to find out about. We used the non-fiction books to learn about the life cycle of a bee. We have also learned that bees LOVE and NEED flowers so we decided to help them. We used wild flower seeds to make bee bombs by placing the seeds into a mould with some wet compost and compacting it down. We then let them dry so that we could take them out of the mould and throw them onto our outdoor wild flower patch! We can't wait to see our wild flower seeds germinate and grow into flowers that our lovely bees and wildlife will love.


As lots of you already know, we have tadpoles in reception at the moment in order to learn about the life cycles of different animals and the children have loved seeing how they have changed since before the holiday! They are now much bigger tadpoles and have developed some speckles!


We have had another special delivery to learn about life cycles this week... some tiny, baby caterpillars! We are going to be watching the caterpillars carefully over the next few weeks to see how they change and we will be learning about their life cycle over the next couple of weeks.


In phonics ....

Green Group

We have loved recapping the 'ear' sound and have learned a new sound 'air'! We loved reading and writing words such as 'pair' and 'fair' and have had a go at writing simple sentences using some of the 'air' words.


Blue Group

We have recapped our 'ch' sound and learned the 'sh' sound this week. We have practised reading and writing 'sh' words such as 'shop' and 'push.' 


Red Group

We have been practising applying the sounds 'ai' 'ee' 'igh' 'oa' and 'oo' into our writing and even writing sentences!


Polite reminder - Please can reading packets be sent into school every day. We are now completing a guided reading session with your child once each week as well as updating their high frequency words keyrings and we need their reading diaries in order to do this. We will also continue to change books every Tuesday and Friday as long as they have been read.


Thank you all so much for your support, we hope you all had a wonderful week back at school, it's been lots of fun and we can't wait to see you all next week.