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Summer 1

Week 1


Oh what fun we have had learning in Year 2 this week! 




This week the children were introduced to our new text 'The Diary of a Killer Cat' by the author Anne Fine.  We have been learning about the different characters in the story and how to describe their feelings by using evidence from the text.  

Throughout the week we have become more familiar with the text and can now take part in shared reading using super expression and actions!

We all really enjoyed  using the computers to research the question 'What do domestic cats normally hunt?' and we recorded our findings using bullet points.

We have written a diary entry, written in the first person, from the perspective of Ellie's father to describe how he felt on Thursday when Tuffy the cat brought a surprising 'Trophy' through the cat flap for the family to find!

Ask your child to explain their diary entry to find out more about what Tuffy did! (Be prepared to be shocked!)


At home you can write a diary entry for your favourite day over the weekend.  Remember to write in full sentences and use adjectives to describe and make your writing very exciting!  You can bring your diary entry in to school to share in class and you will receive a sticker!

You can also log on to Reading Eggs and enjoy some more challenges.  You will find your log-in information is in the front of your reading record.


Click on the link below to meet the author Anne Fine and listen to her reading an extract from our new text...




In our maths learning this week we have revisited number bonds to 10 and then applied this knowledge to solve problems using numbers to 100 using the hundred square to help us. 


On Friday we were all amazing math-a-magicians as we explored adding together 3 single digit numbers.  Our teachers were very impressed that we used and applied our number bonds to find the total.

At home you can show your amazing math-a-magician skills by rolling a dice 3 times, recording the numbers as a calculation and then finding the total. You can draw tens frames and dots to help you if you wish.

For example:




This week we became materials detectives as we explored our school grounds naming a variety of everyday materials such as wood, metal and plastic and then we discussed the purpose and suitability of materials.

We enjoyed doing an investigation to explore how the shape of objects made from different materials changes when they are squashed, bent, twisted or stretched! 




Enjoy looking at our fun learning from this week...

Week 2


We have had another fantastic week of learning in Year 2!




This week we finished reading our class novel 'The Diary of a Killer Cat' and we were all very excited to find out if our predictions we made when we started reading the book were correct.  

This week Owl class had the very important job of writing a set of instructions to clean a duck and Eagle class were set the challenge to write a set of instructions for a dirty problem puppy.  Mrs Lawton visited the children to explain how she did not want dirty animals in school as they could ruin our new sparkly clean carpets!

Our instructions were amazing and we were able to show Mrs Lawton how our instructions had helped us to clean up the duck and problem pup! Phew!


At home you can enjoy baking some delicious cakes or join in with making dinner then write a set of instructions to bring to school for a sticker! 

To help, you can organise your instructions like we did in class:

How to...

What you need:

(Remember to write a list)

What you do:

(Remember to number your instructions by placing the number in the margin and to start each new instruction on a new line!  You can use Firstly, Next, Then, After that and Finally to begin each instruction)




Our maths learning this week has been all about length and we have been using equipment to measure in centimetres (cm) and metres (m).

We used rulers and metre sticks to measure objects in our classroom and outdoors.  We then used the symbols >,< and = to compare lengths to say which objects were greater than, less than and equal to in length.


At home you can use a ruler to measure objects around your house in centimetres (cm) and if you have a tape measure you can use it to measure objects in metres (m). You can then use the vocabulary greater than >, less than < and equal to = to compare the objects.  You can draw the objects, write the measurements and use the symbols to compare the lengths.




This week we have continued our learning about materials - with a focus on recycling.  We visited the park near school and were shocked to discover so much litter around the park and only 2 pieces of litter in the bin!

We looked at the items of litter and identified and named the material then decided if the material was a recyclable material or not.

We have sorted materials into different recycling bins and discussed the importance of recycling to help us to reduce harmful effects on the environment.

We read a story about Morris the magpie - ask your child to re-tell the story to you and the important message we learned from Morris!

We then explored the process of recycling plastic bottles and were able to create a diagram to correctly sequence the process of recycling plastic.

We ended our learning this week by making a pledge to work towards applying for and earning a Blue Peter Green Badge! We are all very excited to carry out our pledge to become a Blue Peter Climate Hero!


At home you can support your child to successfully complete their Blue Peter Climate Hero pledge to earn a Blue Peter Green Badge! Eeeeek! 




Learning in Year 2 never stops!

Enjoy looking at the photos of our fun learning this week...

Week 3

Week beginning 4th May 2021:


This week we have been very busy in Year 2 - even though it's been a shorter week for us, due to the bank holiday, we are all in need of a good rest to re-charge our batteries this weekend!


Here's some information about what we have been learning this week:




This week we have had so much fun as we have been using our knowledge of our class novel 'The Diary of a killer cat' to help us to write a blurb for a new adventure for Tuffy the cat!  

We all enjoyed a very fun and energetic drama lesson where we watched a film clip of the musical production "CATS" by Andrew Lloyd Webber and observed how the actors use their body parts and facial expressions to represent cats.  After that we worked in our drama groups to compose and perform a dance sequence of cat movements which we later performed to our friends.  Our teachers were very proud of our polished and confident performances.  Have a look at the photos below to see our amazing cat moves! 


At home we would love you to log on to Reading Eggs and enjoy a new challenge.  You can also compose a new cat dance to perform to your family.




In maths this week we have continued to learn about measure and in particular this week we have been ordering measurements from smallest to largest.  This week we have had to look very carefully at the unit of measure as we have been ordering measurements in centimetres (cm) and metres (m) and comparing them using the symbols >,< and =.

We have also been applying our knowledge of doubling and halving.


At home you can practise your doubling and halving of numbers all the way up to double 20 is 40! 





We are amazing scientists in Year 2 and this week we have been learning about the inventor John McAdam who invented and patented the macadamisation of roads.  With the help of Mr Clift we built our own macadamised road then added tarmac to our creation so it would be a waterproof and stronger road.  We have been learning how investigations into the properties of materials in the past have significantly improved our lives and with this in mind we were set the following challenge...


Mrs Field brought her puppy to school on Thursday because she is need of our help.  Dolly Blue her puppy is only a tiny baby and she is not toilet trained and keeps ending up in puddle trouble!  Mrs Field needs our help to investigate which material is the most absorbent to help her to clean up Dolly's accidents!  We thought Discovery Dog would help us with our investigation but he suggested we should use a plastic bag to clean up the puddle trouble! Silly Discovery Dog! We knew that would not be any use as we were able to explain that plastic is waterproof and not absorbent!  We have composed a question to investigate and made our own predictions this week and we are excited to continue our investigation next week! 





O'h what fun we have learning in Year 2! We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of our perfect week of learning...



Week 4

(Week beginning 10/05/21)


This week in year 2 we have all been embracing every challenge! We have learned so much and had lots of fun too!



We know from reading our story that Tuffy is a very bold and mischievous cat who decided to sneak out of the house even though he had been grounded! 

This week, using our class novel 'The diary of a killer cat' as a stimulus for our writing, we were tasked with creating a disguise outfit for Tuffy cat to wear to sneak out of the house to meet up with his best friends.  Oh Tuffy - you really are a cheeky cat! We all thought carefully and designed and created an outfit for Tuffy. We then used amazing adjectives to describe our outfit and explained our disguise.  Our teachers were very impressed with our creativity as there were bird, LEGO and brick wall disguises!  We all agreed the outfits were fit for purpose and that Ellie's Father would never spot Tuffy sneaking outside wearing such super outfits! wink


We have also been very disappointed vets this week as we rose to the challenge to write a letter to Tuffy's owners to explain why Tuffy had been struck off the vets list!

We were all able to recall the very significant parts of the story that caused the vet to make this extremely important decision to protect the other animals and owners in the vet's waiting room.

Ask your child to explain to you exactly what Tuffy did whilst visiting the vets but please be aware you will be shocked as he ended up with the sign "HANDLE WITH CARE!" stuck to his cage! surprise


At home you can write a letter or type an e-mail to a friend or a family member.  Show your family how you can begin and end a letter correctly!



We have been learning to tell the time this week! 

We began the week with a recap of o'clock and half past and then went on to learn about quarter past and quarter to.  We were able to use our own mini clocks to show a given time, read the time on the clock and then use a ruler to carefully draw the hands on the clock making sure they were correctly placed and the correct size!


Enjoy singing along to our very happy time song...


At home you can help your child by asking them the time shown on an analogue clock face.  You can also help by making reference to the time as you do things over the week for example by saying, "It's half past 5 now, in half an hour it will be 6 o'clock and time to go swimming!" 

We have also learned to chant the following questions and facts related to time that you can ask your child to recall at home:

Q: How many hours in one day?

A: 24 hours in one day!


Q: How many minutes in one hour?

A: 60 minutes in one hour!


Q: How many seconds in one minute?

A: 60 seconds in one minute!


Q: How many days in one week?

A: 7 days in one week!


Q: How many weeks in one year?

A: 52 weeks in one year!


Q: How many days in one year?

A: 365 days and 366 in a leap year!


Q: How many months on one year?

A: 12 months in one year!






We have continued our investigation this week to find out the answer to our question:

"Which material is the most absorbent?"

We wrote a list of the equipment we needed and then performed our investigation - it was great fun!

We reminded ourselves of the predictions we made before we began our investigation to compare the suitability of different materials.  We are such amazing scientists that we even explored how we could control our test by all using the same amount of water, the same sized material and using a timer! 

We observed carefully what was happening during the test and then enjoyed talking about what had happened and what we had found out!  


We recorded our findings and were able to tell Mrs Field our evaluations so that we could help her.  We have explained to her that she needs to use sponge and paper tissue, as they are the most absorbent materials, to help clear up Dolly's puddle trouble! 



EMBRACE every challenge!


Enjoy looking at our wonderful learning challenges and our successes...