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Summer 1

Week beginning 18th May



This week we read a book called 'Oliver's Milkshake'. Oliver visited a farm to get some milk and fruit then he could make his own milkshake.

We came up with some ideas for our own tasty milkshakes and then wrote recipes and instructions for making them. On Friday we made our milkshakes and they were delicious!

Maybe you could make your own milkshakes over the half term holiday.

In numeracy we have been learning about weight. We have been weighing different objects and had a go at balancing the bucket scales.

Outdoors we worked together to see which was the best sized container to use to fill a paddling pool with water. The milk carton won. It was the best size, not too small and not too heavy to carry.

Week beginning 11.05.15

This week we have been exploring fruit and vegetables. In literacy we read Oliver's Vegetables. Oliver only ate chips until he went to stay at his Granddad's house. He explored in the garden and ate every vegetable discovering that he loved them. We have been thinking about our favourite vegetables and have created and written our own recipes for vegetable pasta, vegetable soup, vegetable casserole and many more in our mud kitchen. In our model making area we made wheelbarrows for Oliver's Granddad to use in his garden.


In numeracy we have been learning how to subtract numbers and writing subtraction equations.


In topic we have been using our senses to explore fruit. We have also been learning about weeds and about why we need to remove them from our gardens. So maybe you could do some weeding at home.

Week beginning 04.05.15

This week we have been planting sunflowers. After we had planted them we wrote instructions. We learnt that when you are writing instructions you need to use numbers to order them and use bossy words!


In numeracy we have been measuring our onions, leeks and peas and comparing how much they have grown. We made tables and graphs to show the information. We found out that our leeks are still the tallest but our onions had grown the most. Maybe you could measure some plants in your garden.


In topic we have been examining our carnations that we placed in red water last week. We were amazed to discover that their petals had gone red. We think that this proves that flowers drink water.

Week beginning 27.04.15

This week we have continued with our topic 'Grow your own lunch' and we spent a lot of time caring for our plants and watering them. We were wondering what happens to the water and if plants really did drink it, so we did a little experiment. Tell your family and friends what happened when we put some flowers into red water.


Look at how big our leeks have grown!


We have also been learning about 3D shapes and trying to find them in and around our school. We found some fruit that is sphere shaped. Perhaps you could have a look around your house for 3D shapes.
Week beginning 20.04.15

We have been very busy again this week. We have a Garden Centre in our role play area in our classroom. We have had lots of fun creating it and we will be doing lots of exciting things in there over the next few weeks.


In topic we have been looking closely at flowers and using collage to create our own representations of them. We have also been learning about what happens to a plant when it doesn't have enough energy.


In literacy we have watched Percy the Park Keeper and we have been talking and writing about our favourite parts of the story and describing Percy's character. 


In numeracy this week we have made our own measuring sticks. We have already used them to see how tall our vegetables are and we are going to be measuring them each week to see how much they have grown. Perhaps you could measure your plants at home and find out which one is the tallest.

Week beginning 13.04.15

Welcome back. We hope you all had a fun time during the Easter holidays.


This week we would like to congratulate the children on how well they have done coming into school on their own. They are very grown up and we are very proud of them.


The start of the summer term has been very busy. We have started our new topic "Grow your own lunch". We checked the seeds that we planted before half term and have begun to measure their growth. We also planted some lettuce leaf seeds. We have chosen to have a garden centre as our role play and have been planning and preparing things for the area.


At home maybe you could have a look in your own or other gardens to see what flowers are growing. What else can you see?


In numeracy we have been doubling and halving numbers and in literacy we have been writing sentences about our adventures over the holidays.