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Spring Term 2

Information for parents about our IEYC Topic

Week Beginning 1st April


This week has been a very busy week with our Easter celebrations, we listened to the Easter story, made Easter baskets, made Easter cards and made yummy Easter nests.


We would like to thank our children and their families for all your hard work and support this term and look forward to our final term in Reception together!


Remember: Easter breakfast should be served like this...

Picture 1

Week Beginning 25th March


A HUGE well done to our amazing reception children who made us all so proud during their Mother's Day assembly. Thank you to everyone who came to see the assembly and we hope you all have a fabulous Mother's Day!


This week’s story was The Hare and the Tortoise.

We wrote sentences to retell the story.

We had races outside and using the correct ordinal numbers gave out rosettes.

We discussed the tale of ‘The Hare and the tortoise’ and the meaning of the story. We decided that the hare was quite rude!


This week we have been learning to find the difference between 2 numbers.

We chose 2 numbers and made a tower for each using the correct number of blocks. We then put the towers side by side to find the difference.

Week beginning 18th March


Well done to all the children who read 5 times this week. Class E had 25 out of 29 readers and Class F had 21 out of 29 readers.


This week we have taken part in Multicultural week. We have worked with our friends from Nursery, Year One and Year Two, visiting their classrooms and sharing our learning with all the adults in school.


In Nursery we learnt about the festival of Holi and we participated in Indian dancing, creating multi-coloured pictures, throwing coloured water balloons outdoors and tasting Indian sweets and snacks. 


In Reception we learnt about Hinduism through exploring a range of deities and making observational drawings and painting the deities. We also learnt what Puja is and explored what items are part of Puja. Some children listened to a story about Krishna called "The Butter Thief" and they made and tasted butter and others learnt about Mandirs and they built their own Mandir in our outdoor area.


In Year One we learnt about Christianity and listened to the story Noah's Ark. We made animal masks and acted out the story.


In Year Two we learnt about Islam. We discovered that Muslims go to the Mosque to pray, and that they pray 5 times a day. We learnt about the Mosque and what we would see inside a Mosque.


As part of our special week we enjoyed working with our special adults as part of our Parental Engagement sessions. Thank you to all those who were able to join us to complete crafts associated with our festivals of Easter, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi and Eid. We look forward to welcoming you next Friday (29th March) at our Mother's Day Assembly.  


At home you could talk about special times that you have celebrated with your family, thinking about what and how you celebrated.

Week beginning 11th March


Well done to all the children who completed the 5 Read Challenge again this week. So many  children are moving Up, up and away!


In Class E 23 out of 30 completed the challenge.


In Class F 22 out of 26 completed the challenge.


This week’s story was The Gingerbread Man.

We had great fun re-enacting the story with each other.

We made our own delicious gingerbread men. We measured the ingredients carefully and followed the instructions in the recipe. It was tough work mixing the dough but it was worth it for our yummy treat!


This week in Maths, we have been learning odd and even numbers. We began by watched the Numberblocks episode ‘Odds and evens’.

We learned that when blocks are stacked in rows of 2, if there is 1 block on top it, it is an odd number. If the blocks are even, it is an even number.

We made our own blocks and used this method to tell whether the numbers were odd or even. We noticed there was an odd and even pattern when we were counting to 20.

We also read the story of ‘Even Steven and Odd Todd’

We sorted the numbered Gingerbread Men into the odd oven and the even oven.


At home you could look for numbers around you and tell an adult whether it is an odd or even number.

Week beginning 4th March


We began this week dressed in our wonderful costumes to celebrate World Book Day. We had a wonderful time sharing books with our special adults, taking part in costume parades and participating in story hunts in our outdoor area. Our class book focus this week has been "The Three Billy Goats Gruff". We have been describing and writing about the Troll and the Goats and we have created wanted posters to try and catch the Troll.


Well done to all the children who completed the 5 Read Challenge this week. Already lots of children are moving Up, up and away!


At home you could read fairy tale stories and use different voices, pretending to be the characters.


In our number learning this week we have been exploring our number bonds, finding pairs of numbers that make 10. We have investigated this in lots of ways including using our fingers, singing songs and using bead strings. We have also been practising our subitising, recognising sets up to 5 without counting them.

At home you could play a pairs game by matching pairs of numbers that make 10 eg 6 + 4 = 10.


In topic this week we have been musicians, builders and actors.


As musicians we have thought about the sounds that the goats would have made as they crossed the bridge and the sound the Troll would have made as he scared the goats. We used body percussion to represent these sounds and then we played instruments quietly and loudly, fast and slow to represent the animals. Finally we put all of this together in a composition to tell the story.


As builders we looked at lots of different bridges from around the world. Then we used the large building materials outdoors to create bridges in order to travel over the river. To complete the task we had to work cooperatively as a team.


As actors we have listened to the story "Two Goats" and we have thought carefully about the moral of the story which is cooperation and consideration. We then worked with each other to act out our own versions of the story.


We hope you enjoy looking through our photographs of this weeks exciting learning.



Week Beginning 24th February


We hope you all had a lovely half term, the children have certainly come back ready and eager to learn this week.


Thank you to the grown ups who came to our Science session. We hope you enjoyed it.


Our 5 Read Challenge has started again and it is fantastic to see so many books being read at home. Hopefully we will have even more joining the children on their 'Up, up and away' reading journey.


What an exciting start to our new topic!

We were greeted by Mrs Story. She had lost her magic story book. When she came to look for it in Reception, she read us stories. She left us a rose which we have used to create our own class stories. Both classes created amazing stories. We also wrote about our what happens in our favourite story.

This week’s story was The Enormous Turnip. We created a Farmer’s Market role play in our outdoor area. We all had jobs to do to create it. We also read ‘The Little Seed’ by Eric Carle. We created our own landscape pictures using pastels and chalk for our own little seed.


At home you could share your favourite books with an adult. Could you find out what their favourite stories were when they were younger?


This week in Maths we have been learning our number bonds to 5. We played a matching game and a memory game matching the pairs of numbers that make 5. Some of us got quite competitive!

By the end of the week so many of us could recall the pairs of numbers that make 5. Our teachers were SUPER impressed!


At home you could practise the ways to make 5 and see if you can mentally recall the different pair of numbers needed.