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Spring Term 2

Week Commencing 28th March


This week we have been busy learning all about Easter! We have loved making our Easter cards and crafts!  


In Maths we have revisited and consolidated some of our previous learning. We have looked at one more and one less up to 50, place value using <, > and = and addition and subtraction using the part-part whole model. 


In our Design and Technology lessons this week we designed and made a den! This was lots of fun and required us to use our teamwork skills.  


In Geography we have enjoyed drawing a map of our school grounds. We talked about locations of geographical features and what symbols we could draw to represent them. During the holidays you could draw a map of an area familiar to you and your child.  


To finish our Money Matters theme in PSHE, we made our own shops where we could spend our money. Over the holidays you could take your child to a variety of different shops and discuss what each one sells and how much items cost.  


We hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and we will see you back in class on Tuesday 19th April! 🐰


Week commencing 21st March


This week in English we have all written our own stories of ‘Where the wild things are’. We are so proud of everyone’s writing!  


In Maths this week we have been learning about capacity. We have measured capacity using lots practical equipment. It would be lovely if you could continue to do this at home. What containers have you got in the cupboard that measure capacity?  


We have embraced the lovely weather this week and done our science and geography lessons outside! We looked at different garden flowers and wild flowers in Science. What flowers have you got in your garden? In Geography, we went for a walk around our school grounds and we were challenged to use directional and positional language to describe where we saw things. For example, Chewy lives in front of the Year Two classrooms and to the right of the carpark. You can practise this skill at home using a local area familiar to you and your child. Next week we will be drawing a map of the school grounds based on what we saw.  


In PSHE we have continued our learning all about money. We talked about buying things we want and buying things we need. The children sorted shopping objects into these two categories.  


It was SO lovely to see Mum’s come into school this week to celebrate our Mother’s Day assembly with us. We are so proud of our children performing for you, they were all fantastic! Thank you for joining us, we hope you had a wonderful time! 


Enjoy the weekend everyone!  

Week commencing 14th March


In English this week we have started to think about how we can change the story of ‘Where the wild things are’. We have planned our own story by changing the characters, setting and events. Then we drew it onto a story map. We have worked hard to retell our story using descriptive story language and exciting phrases. Can your child share any details of their story with you at home? It would be lovely to ask them to act it out for you and perhaps perform a show!  


Our Maths learning this week has been all about measuring weight. Everyone has enjoyed using the balancing scales to compare weight. At home you could compare whether some toys are heavier than others. Before you compare them, it would be interesting to make predictions too!  


In Science we have looked at plants for food. We have talked about what different parts of plants we can eat and learned about where different food grows from e.g. ground, trees and seeds. We have loved designing our own ‘garden of food’ with vegetable patches, fruit trees and plants which provide us with food. Take a trip to the supermarket this weekend and explore the variety of fresh foods. Discuss with your child how certain foods grow and what part of them we can eat.  


During our Computing lessons this week we have been maze builders. Our skills are growing week on week and we are so proud of how tech savvy our children are! Can you build an algorithm at home on Purple Mash using the 2Go program? We also had the opportunity to use the Beebots and programme instructions to direct them on a variety of mats. You could replicate this game at home where your child gives you directional instructions that you must follow.  


In PSHE we have continued learning all about money! We know we can keep money safe in our purse/wallet, in a piggy bank at home or at the bank. We also talked about whether we should spend or save our money up to buy the things we want.   


Have a lovely weekend!  

Week Commencing 7th March


This week in English we have written a letter to the wild things from the book ‘Where the wild things are’. Everyone has written beautifully! We used the conjunctions ‘but’ and ‘because’ to extend our sentences. At home, you could write a letter to a friend or family member. Perhaps they will then write back to you too!   


In Maths we have continued measuring! We have learned how to measure accurately in cm using a ruler. We have measured all sorts of objects in and around our classrooms and compared them in size against each other. Can you measure some objects at home? 


During our Science lessons this week we have studied the life cycle of a flower. Can you talk at home about what happens to seeds and how new flowers grow? We have also learned about deciduous and evergreen trees. Can you see any around your home? Tell your grown up the difference between the two!  


In Computing we have continued to be maze builders using algorithms to practice our programming skills.  


In PSHE everyone has learned about how people earn money. It would be great to talk to your child about where money comes from and how we earn it. The children then discussed how we spend money and what we spend it on. We talked how there are some things that we need to buy and somethings that we want to buy.  


We hope you’ve had a super week! Enjoy your weekend!  

Week commencing 28th February


We have continued with our book ‘Where the wild things are’ this week and have enjoyed learning about nouns and adjectives. We ended the week by becoming actors acting out the story with our friends. We used the masks that we designed and made in Design and Technology to be Max and the wild things and retell the story!   


In Maths we have been measuring this week. We have used cubes to measure and compare length. The children have used the vocabulary longer, shorter and taller. You could set your child a challenge at home to find an object that is shorter than something you have and then compare the two objects side by side.  


In Science we have learned about the parts of a plant and what each part does. Can you find a plant in the garden and discuss the different parts together?  


In Computing we have continued to build on our algorithm skills! You can continue this learning on Purple Mash!  


The art skills we have focussed on this week are folding and cutting. We learned that we need to be careful and precise when we do this.   


We ended this week with our World Book Day celebrations! Everyone looked fantastic and we loved sharing our books with our friends! Thank you for your kind donations to our book swap shop. We hope you enjoy the new book you’ve brought home. 


Have a lovely weekend everyone!  

Week commencing 21.02.22


Welcome back! It’s been a super busy first week back in Year One!  


In English we have started reading a new class book… ‘Where the wild things are’ by Maruice Sendak. We have enjoyed the story, carefully talked about the language used in the book and created a story map of the story. Ask your child to retell the story to you at home!


In Maths we have ordered and sequenced numbers up to 100! At home, you could support this learning by hiding five numbers on post it notes around your home and challenge your child to order them from smallest to largest or largest to smallest!  We have also been counting in 2’s and 5’s. Please practice this at home by marching up and down the stairs, giving high fives or collecting Lego bricks in 2’s/5’s.  


In Science we have learned what plants need to grow! We planted cress seeds and will be looking after them for the next few weeks as they grow. If you do any planting at home, please send us a photo, we’d love to see what you get up to!  


In computing we have been using instructions to move a car around the streets. This was our first experience of programming and everyone did so well!  You can practise this on Purple Mash at home.


We designed masks this week for our design and technology lesson. The children designed a mask for a wild thing from our class story. We can’t wait to make them and have our own wild rumpus like the creatures did in the story!  


In RE we learned about the Quran and how Muslims use a prayer mat to pray.  


In PSHE we looked at different ways to pay for things. It would be great if you could explore this further with your child and talk about the different way you pay for things at home. 


Have a lovely weekend!