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Spring Term 2

Week beginning 9th March


We started the week with an adventure into the woods. We had lots of fun climbing trees and enjoying having fun in nature.


We learnt the sounds 'nk' and 'ng'. We read these sounds in words and wrote sentences with them too.


We used a tens frame to find the different ways to make 8.


We have been very busy this week but we can't tell you why just yet!!


Week beginning 2nd March


This week has all been about plants!

We have enjoyed exploring and looking closely and all the different plants we have in our Observation Station. 


We have used watercolours to paint a daffodil and oil pastels to draw a hyacinth. We looks carefully and the plants and painted and drew what we see. We then compared the 2 plants and discussed what was the same and what was different between the 2 plants.


We loved taking part on World Book Day. It was lovely to see the children dressed as their favourite characters and talking about our favourite books.


We have learnt the sounds ‘sh’ and ‘th’. We have practised reading and  writing words with the ‘sh’ and ‘th’ sounds.


This week we have been finding out about number 8. We have counted and explored different ways of representing 8 and practised writing 8.

Week beginning 24th February


What an exciting first week back!


We started the week by reading ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’. We wrote our own shopping list of ingredients we needed to make our own pancakes. We then all walked to the shop to buy our ingredients! 

We came back and made some delicious pancakes using the ingredients we had bought.

We wrote the sentence ‘I can flip my pancake’

We are trying so hard writing the letters, making sure we started each letter on the line.


This week we have learnt the sounds of the letters ‘x’ and ‘qu’. We have continued to use our Fred talk to sound out words and then blend them back together to read and write words.


In Maths we have been finding out more about number 7. We used part part whole to find the different ways to make 7. We are working really hard to write our numbers to form our numbers correctly.


We took full advantage of the snowy weather on Thursday, we wrapped up warm and enjoyed the snow on the field. We made snowmen, snow angels and had a great time sledging down then hill!

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