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Spring Term 1

Week commencing 7th February 


We’ve had a lovely end to this half term!  


In Maths we have been reading and comparing numbers up to 50 using these symbols < > = All the children have enjoyed this learning! At home, please can you practise number formation and check for number reversal. You could do this by making your own bingo boards using numbers to 100 and take turns being a bingo caller. This ensures your child is recognising two-digit number verbally and visually.  


We have completed our learning of Mole Star by retelling the story. We have all worked hard to use capital letters at the start of sentences, finger spaces and full stops. We have also challenged the children to use the conjunction ‘and’ in their writing. Over the half term please encourage your child to practise writing keeping their letters on the line.  


We also marked Safer Internet Day this week with lots of online safety tips! Keep this up everyone!  


Education City and Purple Mash have been updated for your child to enjoy at home over the holidays.  


Have a lovely half term everyone! Thank you for your continued support!  


Week commencing 31st January


This week we have enjoyed finding out all about Chinese New Year and the exciting ways people celebrate.

In Music we learnt a song and played our instruments in time. Mrs Clarkson was very impressed at how quickly we picked it up!

In English we have created a story mountain, we draw pictures of what happened at the beginning, middle and the end of the story of Mole’s Star. This will help us next week when we write the story in our books. At home you could practise telling the story of Mole’s Star then you will know exactly what you are going to write.


In Maths, we have been looking at numbers to 50. We have represented numbers using our Base Ten equipment and on tens frames. We have partitioned the numbers into tens and ones.

When you are out and about this weekend we would like you to be number spies! Which numbers to 50 can you see? How many tens and how many ones are in that number? 

In Computing we have looked at how important it is to give clear, precise instructions to computers and we remembered that this is called an algorithm. Then we had to find the mistake in a set of instructions to make a fruit smoothie. We ordered the instructions correctly and then found out when we find and correct a problem in a code it is called ‘debugging’


In Science, we looked closely at our school animals, we observed how they all use their senses and how they use their senses differently to us. If you have a pet at home, look at how they use their senses, how are they different to yours.


Our words of the week are words containing the ‘ai’ and ‘oi’ sounds:

Rain, wait, train, paid, afraid, oi, join, coin, oil, point, soil.


Education City activities have been updated and you can log on to Purple Mash and choose any of the activities.

Week Commencing 24th January


This week in English we have learnt lots of facts about Moles! Ask your child what they know. Can you expand your knowledge of moles by doing further research online or visiting the library? You might like to make an information leaflet on Purple Mash all about moles!  


In Maths we have been using our super knowledge of calculations and comparing numbers. The children have been challenged to answer two calculations (addition or subtraction) then compare the answers using greater than or less than symbols. We are really proud of how our classes have applied their skills and understanding from the past few weeks!   


For our Science learning this week we have explored the sense of taste. The children have loved tasting a variety of foods and describing how they taste on their taste buds. Ask your child which taste they preferred. Were there any that they didn’t enjoy? We also have been to look the animal’s bodies around school and comparing them to our own.  


In Computing the children have applied their knowledge of algorithms and have followed instructions on Purple Mash to colour in a picture. 


In PSHE we have looked at people who help us. There are lots of people in our community who help us. Can you make a card to say thank you to someone who helps us?  


We took part in the RSPB Big Bird Watch today! We looked around our school environment for any signs of birds and we even spotted a few nesting! Can you spot any birds around the local environment? Perhaps research with your child about how you could help take care of the environment so birds have a safe place to live.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  

Week commencing 17th January 2022


In our English lessons this week we have been writing a letter from the character Mole in the book Mole’s Star. The children have explored the structure of a letter and have carefully considered what they needed their letter to say. Ask your child what they wrote. Can you write a letter to a family member or friend at home?  


In Maths we have continued using subtraction within 20 this week. To help us do this we have used number lines and tens frames. Ask your child to show you how to count back using a number line. Here’s some calculations to practice… 17-6= 19-11= 15-9= 12-10= 15-8= 


In Science we have delved deeper into our senses. We have explored smell and touch. Everyone had to guess what was in the pots using just their smell and describe what they could smell using adjectives. We also went on a walk around the school grounds exploring our outdoor area with our touch. The children had to find things that were prickly, rough, soft etc. You can recreate this learning experience at home and set your child the challenge to find objects with a different texture around your home or in your garden.   


In computing we have been learning to follow instructions. The children have learned that computers follow instructions and these are called algorithms. Can your child follow a simple set of instructions at home?  


During PSHE, your child has made a healthy lunch. Building on our learning of food groups from last week, they had to make sure their meal had an element of food from each group. Can you plan and prepare a healthy meal together at home this weekend?


In RE we have been discussing what makes a good leader. We decided that a good leader inspires and sets a good example.

20th January 2022 - Today we have been learning about algorithms (We should know that an algorithm is a precise, step-by-step set of instructions used to solve a problem or achieve an objective.)

We tried to follow an algorithm to make a paper airplane. Watch the link again to see if you can make your paper airplane at home.

Week commencing 10th January.


We have read a new book this week called ‘Mole’s Star’ by Britta Teckentrup. Can your child retell the story to you? Our English learning activities will be based around this book for the next couple of weeks. This week we have learned how to use the prefix ‘un’ and how adding it to the start of some words makes the word mean the opposite, for example, well – unwell, tie – untie. Together at home you could play matching pairs with words such as these on post it notes and match them up.  


In Maths this week we have be practicing subtraction. Ask your child what this means and what the symbol for subtraction looks like. We have modelled this with the children practically by physically taking objects away, for example, we have 17 pencils, we take away 4, how many are left? 17-4=13. You can support your child at home by asking them to go and choose 16 toys, you take away 5, ask how many are left and then ask your child to record this as a calculation.  


In Science we have been learning all about our 5 senses, with a particular focus on using our ears to hear and eyes to see. Perhaps keep a listening diary over the weekend of the sounds you can hear at different times of the day.  


In Art some children have drawn self-portraits this week! We took care to look carefully at the structure of our faces and the detail as we drew. Everyone celebrated how we are all different!  


In PSHE we have learned which foods belong in each food group and discussed how it is important to eat a balanced diet.  


We’d love to see your home learning! Email it to your teacher for an extra golden ticket!  


Our words of the week are live - give - have


Don't forget to try the activities on Education City. Sometimes we will repeat the tasks and games to revisit learning. 


Happy New Year!


For those children who isolating at home this week here are some home learning ideas:


  • Log in to Purple Mash and access any of the activities you like.
  • Draw a picture and write some sentences about the holidays. What did you do? Who did you see? Where did you go? What did you watch? What did you eat?
  • Number bonds to 20. Use your knowledge of numbers bonds to 10 to work out number bonds to 20. You could use pieces of pasta to help you.
  • Practise your reading book.
  • Practise reading and writing tricky words.
  • Play