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Spring Term 1

Week commencing 10th January.


We have read a new book this week called ‘Mole’s Star’ by Britta Teckentrup. Can your child retell the story to you? Our English learning activities will be based around this book for the next couple of weeks. This week we have learned how to use the prefix ‘un’ and how adding it to the start of some words makes the word mean the opposite, for example, well – unwell, tie – untie. Together at home you could play matching pairs with words such as these on post it notes and match them up.  


In Maths this week we have be practicing subtraction. Ask your child what this means and what the symbol for subtraction looks like. We have modelled this with the children practically by physically taking objects away, for example, we have 17 pencils, we take away 4, how many are left? 17-4=13. You can support your child at home by asking them to go and choose 16 toys, you take away 5, ask how many are left and then ask your child to record this as a calculation.  


In Science we have been learning all about our 5 senses, with a particular focus on using our ears to hear and eyes to see. Perhaps keep a listening diary over the weekend of the sounds you can hear at different times of the day.  


In Art some children have drawn self-portraits this week! We took care to look carefully at the structure of our faces and the detail as we drew. Everyone celebrated how we are all different!  


In PSHE we have learned which foods belong in each food group and discussed how it is important to eat a balanced diet.  


We’d love to see your home learning! Email it to your teacher for an extra golden ticket!  


Our words of the week are live - give - have


Don't forget to try the activities on Education City. Sometimes we will repeat the tasks and games to revisit learning. 


Happy New Year!


For those children who isolating at home this week here are some home learning ideas:


  • Log in to Purple Mash and access any of the activities you like.
  • Draw a picture and write some sentences about the holidays. What did you do? Who did you see? Where did you go? What did you watch? What did you eat?
  • Number bonds to 20. Use your knowledge of numbers bonds to 10 to work out number bonds to 20. You could use pieces of pasta to help you.
  • Practise your reading book.
  • Practise reading and writing tricky words.
  • Play