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Spring Term 1

Week beginning 13th January


This week we have been explorers! Can you guess where we have been?


We saw some polar animals like penguins, polar bears and arctic foxes! We learnt lots of super facts and used chalk to draw a polar bear! We pretended to be a polar animal and wrote, ‘I am a…’ sentence about what we were.


We have learnt the sounds of the letters ‘h’ and ‘l’. We have practised writing them making sure that they are tall letters.

See the videos below to find out how we write them. Can you practice forming the letters correctly?



Learn to Write the Letter L

Learn to Write the Letter L | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Learn to Write the Letter H

Learn to Write the Letter H | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

In maths we have been finding all the different ways to make 5.

We had 5 penguins and put them on 2 icebergs to find all the different ways.

We have been trying to learn the different ways to make 5 off by heart.

At home you could practise recalling the ways to make 5.

Week beginning 6th January.


We hope you all had a wonderful break and lots of lovely family time.

The children have certainly come back to school ready to learn!


We have been writing about what we got for Christmas.

We had a go at writing the sentence ‘I got a …’

We are trying hard to remember to use a finger space in between each word and a full stop at the end of our sentence. As well as forming our letters correctly.


In maths this week we had so much fun finding out about data handling.

We all went into the hall and wanted to find out the answer to the question:

Which toy do children in Reception like the best?

We sat on the bench of the toy we liked the best. Next we put this information into a graph. We counted the cubes in each column and worked out which toy the children liked the most and the least. The children were amazing at answering questions about the graph.