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Spring 2

Week beginning 23rd March

This week we have been doing lots of creative Easter activities. We've made cards, nests, been on an egg hunt and tasted hot cross buns. It has been a very busy week. We have set up the role play area as a farm after talking about our school animals.

After Easter we will be reading different fairy tales, talking about the characters and the order that things happen.

Have a lovely Easter and hope the Easter Bunny visits your house.

Week beginning 16th March

This week in Nursery we went on an egg hunt. We were using positional language to describe where we found them. Can you remember what was in your egg? We created some lovely paintings using paint and marbles. We had to move the trays forwards, backwards and side to side.

Next week is the last week before Easter. We will be trying hot cross buns and learning a rhyme about them, making Easter cards and Easter nests. A very busy week!


Week beginning 9th March

This week in Nursery we have been busy making a surprise for our Mummies for their special day on Sunday. We talked about all the things our Mummies do for us and how we can help them. We also used our fine motor skills to make models with the small and large octons.

Next week we will be starting our Easter activities. We will be going on a egg hunt and looking at our school animals as our role play will be a farm barn. Can you think of animals you might see on a farm?


Week beginning 2nd March

This week we have enjoyed making toast and serving it in our cafe role play. The children took turns to be the customer and the waiter. The customer had to decide which shape toast they wanted and what they wanted to drink. The waiter had to remember their order. As part of Book Week we read Stickman, talking about the characters and making stick people to hang on Stickman's family tree in our outdoor area. The children used good fine motor skills, wrapping string around the sticks. It was lovely to see some of the older children from Eagley Juniors who came to read stories to us that they had written.

Next week we will be making a surprise for our mummies special day and using observational skills to draw the crocus in our rock  garden. Have you noticed any flowers beginning to grow yet? If you have look carefully at the petals and stems. Look at the colours and shapes.

Week beginning 23rd February

This week in Nursery we have been talking about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. We heard the story about how the years were named after animals and practised our cutting skills to make some puppets. Can you remember all the animals who took part in the swimming race? We used the instruments to perform a dragon dance and drew dragons on the whiteboard. We especially enjoyed watching a lion dance on the computer. We tried hard to pick up noodles using the chopsticks. It was very difficult.

Next week is Book Week and we will be doing lots of activities about our favourite stories. Friday is dressing up as a character day.