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Spring 2 Castles

Week Beginning 23rd March 2015



Following on from our work last week the children wrote fabulous character descriptions based on Little Red Riding Hood. They applied all their knowledge and produced some wonderful work. Well done!


At home you could help your child develop their descriptive vocabulary. What can you see? What can you hear? What can you feel?




We have been using our chosen methods to add and subtract 2 digit numbers. Some of us are also beginning to add and subtract 3 digit numbers. Well done!


At home you could help your child by encouraging them to show you how they would complete an addition or subtraction.


Medieval Day


Thank you for all your support in providing costumes for our celebration day. Following a lengthy battle cheered on by our beautiful maidens, the knights and peasants escorted their chosen maiden to the royal banquet. We danced, feasted and many jesters entertained our King and Queen.

Week Beginning 16th March 2015


We have been learning all about nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs this week and applying our skills by writing descriptive sentences.  We have also revisited our learning about non chronological reports to write about all about knights.


In preparation for our next report you can help your child with research about nocturnal animals. Homework books will be sent home at the end of next week.




In Maths we have been talking about and developing our understanding of multiplication and division. The children have chosen large numbers and used their maths skills to repeatedly add numbers to solve multiplication questions. Some of us are now becoming quite confident in recalling known multiplication facts! Well done.


At home you can support your child in developing their confidence in using multiplication and division skills in every day life. eg If there are 15 chicken nuggets to be shared by 3 people, how many would each person get?




We have found out all about castle defences thinking about how our bow and arrows would have been used and to celebrate St Patrick's Day we found out all about him.


Week Beginning 9th March 2015


This week we have been learning to improve a simple sentence with capital letters, wow words, a variety of connectives and appropriate punctuation. We have also looked closely at different ways to start sentences and how to read what we have written to check our work.


On Friday we used the knowledge we had gained in the afternoon to use time words to write a set of instructions on 'How to make a bow and arrow!'


At home you can help your child by talking about how they can improve their sentences written for homework. Can they read exactly what they have written? Does it make sense? What have you done well?



This week we have been adding the value of coins to 20p then 50p and £1. Using this knowledge we have started to think about getting change when we buy something at the shop. We have used number lines to subtract, number lines to count on to find the difference and subtracted by partitioning tens and ones. We are starting to develop a fabulous understanding.

At home children could add up coins to £1 and gain some practical experience paying for their chocolate and sweets, thinking about the change they should get.




We have continued our tiopic on castles this week and had lots of fun making and firing our bows and arrows. We worked with a partner and measured how far our arrows travelled. We had lots of fun!!


We ended our week with a Knights Challenge. The children had to solve a coded message through addition and subtraction questions. After which they worked with partners working out different possibilities for the advancing armies. 10 legs can be seen. Who could it be?

Week Beginning 2nd March 2015



We have enjoyed listening to the adventure of Sir Charlie Stinky Socks this week. We collected all of the fabulous vocabulary used to describe the setting in the story to create our own story board, after which we used our imagination to create our own characters and adventures. 

At home you can support your child in writing descriptive sentences, remembering to always use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.



Following on from last weeks learning the children have been solving word problems together and explaining their own understanding. We are all developing the skills to add and subtract multiples of ten from any number up to 100 and some of us have started to develop addition and subtraction skills using 3 digit numbers. Well done everyone!


At home you can support your child by encouraging them to explain how they would solve a simple addition or subtraction involving money.



We have been developing our Spring display for the school hall this week. The children have used their art skills to decorate birds.

We have also been designing our own Coat of Arms to decorate a shield. We carefully planned the colours, animals and symbols we would use to describe ourselves and developed a good understanding of their meaning. We also developed our tracing skills for the finished shield.

Week Beginning 23rd February 2015



In literacy this week we have been researching 'pigs' and writing sentences with capital letters, full stops and topic words from our research. We then collected our sentences together in preparation for writing our own report.


At home you can share information books and have a go at writing some interesting sentences. What would your subheading be?



In maths this week we have been learning all about place value. We are starting to combine hundreds,tens and units and developed an excellent understanding of partitioning up to 3 digit numbers, confidently recognising zero as a place holder.


At home you can use money to further develop your child's understanding. If you have 7 ten pence pieces and 3 one pence coins, how much money do you have altogether? How many ten pence pieces are there in 67p? How many one pence pieces are there?




Our new topic this half term is Castles. We have researched why castles came to England and had lots of fun re-enacting The Battle of Hastings. We have learned all about King Edward, King Harold and William the Conqueror. We have made our own information book and drawn pictures of a Motte and Bailey castle.