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Spring 2

Week Beginning Monday 9th March 2020

Yet another busy and learning filled week in year 2! In Maths we have been looking at different ways of recording data. We have been looking lots at tally charts, pictograms and scaled pictograms. We have then used our amazing knowledge of statistics to answer questions about pictograms and what they show us.

This week we have sent home some missing number problems for you to have a go at and return to school next week.


In English we have loved looking at poetry. We have been reading lots of poems all about monsters. Next we looked at the different features of poems, focusing on repetition, rhythm, rhyme and verses. The children then went on to use their knowledge of poems to write their own! Lots of them even rhymed! They were fantastic!


As part of our new science topic called 'Live and let live' we have started our learning all about animals and life cycles. We have looked lots at the different life cycles of different animals before classifying them into mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles etc.. The children were brilliant at this. We have also started to make our own duckling diaries. We will be filling these in each week to write about how our duck eggs change over time and eventually hatch!


This week your spellings are:












Have a happy weekend!

Week Beginning 2nd March 2020

This week in Maths we have loved learning all about shapes! We have recapped 2D shapes and their properties before learning all about 3D shapes and their properties. The children are fantastic at using vocabulary such as vertices, faces and edges. Can you find any 3D shapes around your house?

This week we will be sending home some Maths problems with your child that they can complete throughout the week. Each of the Maths problems are based around addition and subtraction, please have a go at these at home and send them back to school when they have completed them. Thank you!


We have also been practicing and preparing for some 'Secret Agent Training' (SATs) this week. The children have worked incredibly hard and we could not be prouder of all that they have achieved!


In English, the children have continued their learning about Alaska, finishing their fact file booklets all about Alaska. We have also been reading some poetry all about monsters! We will continue to look at poetry next week too, and even have a go at writing our own poetry!


This week, we received some eggs! The children discussed what kind of animal the eggs could have come from. It was then revealed that we have duck eggs! The children will be looking after the duck eggs for the next 4 weeks until they hatch, this will form part of our new science topic that we will begin in the next few weeks called 'Live and let live.'


Our spellings this week are:












Enjoy your weekend!

Week Beginning 24th February 2020

This week we have had a busy first week back! We have been doing lots of place value work about two-digit numbers and partitioning the number lots of different ways! For example, we split 69 into 60+9 as well as 50+19, 40=29, 30+39 etc... The children were brilliant at looking at the different ways we can partition a number to make different addition problems. Then we looked at adding and subtracting two-digit numbers from each other and the methods that work best for us! We even had a go at solving missing number problems!

Can you try these ones at home?

52+17=___        78-12=___

67+___=89        86-29=___

36+48=___        ___-12=26


In English we have loved learning all about Alaska and writing our very own fact files! We have read lots of non-fiction text all about Alaska before writing our own. We used suffixes ending in 'est' and 'er' in our writing as well as using contractions such as shouldn't, isn't and can't.

This week we have looked at some comprehensions and are really working hard to read a text independently and answer lots of different questions about it! You can help your child at home by reading as often as possible as well asking your child a range of questions about their books!


In topic we have been taking part in music lessons, creating the different sounds that vehicles make using our mouths as well as musical instruments. We have then performed these in front of our friends! In science, we have loved planting runner beans and are going to be keeping a diary about them as we care for them and watch them grow over time!


Our spellings this week are the months of the year! Can you learn all 12?














Have a lovely weekend!