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Spring 2

Week beginning 1st April 2019


In English this week we have been looking at the sounds ph and wh and writing sentences containing these sounds

eg The dolphin and the whale had a race in the ocean.

We have also been writing about endangered animals around the world such as tigers, pandas, rhinos, sea turtles and red squirrels.

We now know some of the ways in which we can help wildlife, particularly our honeybees, such as planting gardens and not picking wild flowers.

Homework challenge:- Continue to practise your sounds using the phonic cards purchased at the beginning of year 1. 


In Maths we have been looking at the value of coins and notes that we use in our country.

We have learnt to recognise different coins by their size, shape and colour, but have found it quite tricky to make amounts using different coins

eg 15p=5P+5p+5p


     15p= 10p+2p+2p+1p  etc

Homework challenge:- Practise making 20p, 38p, 50p and £2.60 using coins


In the afternoons we have learnt all about the Easter story in the Bible and how Christians celebrate during this special time. 

The children were so excited to hold the chicks that Mrs Richardson kindly brought into school and we thought it was a great photo opportunity!

We wish you all a lovely Easter.

See you next term.

Week beginning 25th March 2019


This week has been very special. It has been our Multicultural Week!

We have had opportunities to find out more about Christianity, Islam and Hinduism and have worked with our friends in Nursery, Reception and Year 2 and with different teachers across school.

Thank you to all the grown ups who attended our parental engagement session on Friday morning. We hope that you found it fun, interesting and informative.


In English this week we have linked our written work with our Science topic about The Earth.

We have found out about different animal groups that live on our planet such as mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects and amphibians.

We have found out some facts about the different groups such as mammals are warm blooded and are covered in hair or fur.

We have also looked at different animal habitats such as deserts, rainforests, oceans, grassland and snow/ice. What a wonderful world we live in!

Homework challenge- Find out about the animals and plants that live in your garden or back yard 


In Maths we have been developing our understanding of length.

We have been learning how to use a ruler to measure in cm's.

We found it quite tricky at first, but we are getting more accurate.

Homework challenge- Practise measuring small items at home using a 30cm ruler.


Spellings :- love, above, save, move, wave


Have a great weekend


Week beginning 11th March 2019


This week in English we have concentrated on words that end in ch or tch.

We thought of some really good sentences such as:-

I sat on the bench in the park and ate my lunch

I can hear my watch ticking softly

We have also been writing questions using question words such as what, where, when, who, why and how?

Homework challenge:- think up some questions for your grown ups to answer


Well done to Class D who won the 5 Read Challenge Trophy this week.

The children are so excited to have moved onto the next balloon on the Up, Up and Away display.


In Maths we have been looking at sharing and division.

We have used the methods of grouping and bar models to solve problems

Homework challenge :- Work out the answer to the following problem

Ben and his sister share 10 sweets equally. How many sweets do they get each?


We finished our Treasure Island ICP unit  with some fun activities, including making paper boats that we floated in our water tray!

Our new Science topic is called 'The Earth Our Home'


A big thank you for all the money that you sent in for Red Nose Day


Next week is our RE multicultural week in school and we are looking forward to seeing lots of special grown ups on Friday at 9am to do lots of exciting activities together


Have a lovely weekend


Week beginning 4th March 2019


Thank you to all the adults that joined us on Monday morning to celebrate World Book Day.

It was lovely to see everyone sharing books in and around the classroom  and the toast seemed very popular too!

Later in the day the whole school assembled in the hall for an opportunity to see all the wonderful World Book Day costumes that the children were wearing. The children looked fantastic. 

In English this week we have been looking at words that end in nk and have been writing these in sentences such as-

I love to drink fizzy lemonade

We have also been writing rhyming poems based on the poem 'Pirate Pete'

 eg Pirate Pete had a ship on the sea  and he liked a cup of tea and he had a golden key and a parrot called Molly

Homework challenge: Write another verse for the poem


In Maths we have been developing our understanding of multiplication.

We have used different methods to solve problems such as grouping and using a bar model and we are very proud of the progress we have made this week.

Homework challenge: There were 6 packets of biscuits in the cupboard. In each packet of biscuits there were 5 biscuits. How many biscuits altogether?


In our IPC topic afternoons we have been listening to Sea Shanties and then making up our own! 

We have also worked in small groups to perform a musical journey using untuned percussion instruments. We had to think carefully about how we played the instruments eg fast, slow, quietly or loudly. We loved these sessions and had lots of fun!


Have a great weekend. 


Week beginning 25th February 2019


This week in English we have concentrated on adding -er to words. 

eg A giraffe is taller than a zebra. 

A snail is slower than a rabbit.

We have also used our writing skills to label a key on a map and write directions .

We used vocabulary such as forwards, backwards, left, right and turn.

Then we  used the points on a compass to locate places on a map. We learnt a little rhyme to help us remember North, South, East and West- 'Never Eat Shredded Wheat!

Learning challenge:- Make up your own rhyme to remember the points on a compass.


In Maths we have been using our number bonds to 20 and related subtraction facts to solve problems such as -

There were 16 people on the bus. 9 people got off the bus.  How many people were left on the bus?

We also looked at patterns in calculations eg 







Learning challenge:- How many addition and subtraction calculations can you think of with the answer 9


Thank you to all the grown-ups who attended our Science lesson on 'Flight' on Wednesday morning.

You all looked like you were having lots of fun and the children learnt so much in the lesson. Thank you for all the lovely and positive comments and feedback we received at the end of the session. We are so happy that you are finding these Parental Engagement sessions so useful.  


Monday is our World Book Day and your child is welcome to come to school dressed up as a character from their favourite story. You are also welcome to join your child for an hour at school in the morning to read books and have some toast for breakfast! 

Have a great weekend.