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Spring 2

Week beginning 1st April 2019

We have had a superb term in Year 2 and we are sad to see it come to an end. We have however earned a break with all our hard work and amazing learning we have produced. It is important that we get lots of rest and have lots of fun over the next 2 weeks. 


This week we have spent a lot of time looking at past assessment papers. We have been looking at both of the Reading papers and both of the Maths papers. We tried so hard and have showed lots of our personal learning goals. We have done really well and we have taken this time to get used to the quizzes and address any misconceptions which we had with our teachers. It has been a valuable week for us to learn how to apply all our learning. Thank you to all the Mums, Dads and people at home who came to speak to the teachers to see the different ways in which they could support us during this important time. 


We have continued our topic learning in the afternoons and we have finished our topic of 'Green Fingers'. We have learnt some important words for when we talk about plant growth. We have learnt 'germination', 'photosynthesis', 'seed dispersal' and many more exciting terms. We have also continued monitoring our investigation when looking at our bean plants. We have noticed that it is essential that plants have water for them to grow. So in a technology task we have been looking at designing our own watering device using a range of different materials. We labelled the different parts of our watering device and wrote a sentence about how it works. We had some super ideas such as robots which go around the garden watering plants, drones that fly and water the garden with a sprinkler mechanism, some high tech watering cans and many more amazing ideas. As part of our 'Exit Point' for the topic we have made our own self watering plant pot from a recycled bottle. We have all planted a seed and it is our challenge to see how well we can make it grow. 


As it is almost Easter time we looked at the traditional Easter story which Christians believe. We looked at why eggs are so common around Easter time and how we know that they are a symbol of new life.


As we have worked so hard for the term the teachers want us to have a rest so we will not have a spelling test the first week back!


Week beginning 25th of March 2019

 Another amazing week in Year 2 with the sunshine reflecting the mood within the year group. We have been making amazing progress across all of the different lessons we have had and have put huge smiles on all the teacher's faces.


In Maths we have been looking at missing number problems and looking at fractions. We have worked very hard on our place value knowledge and this is helping us to solve much more complex problems. We have found out that as long as we know the rules we can then apply these facts to numbers which are much bigger, sometimes we even work with numbers in the hundreds! We have been looking at fractions of numbers and shapes and we have noticed that finding a fraction of something is similar to dividing. 


In  English we have again been looking at how we can make our sentences even better. We have been choosing one of our simple sentences and then adding a range of grammatical features to the sentence. We have been using adjectives, commas, adverbs, full stops, capital letters, contractions, suffixes just to name a few. This has made our work even better and it has made us even more proud of learning.


In our'Green Fingers' IPC topic this week we have been conducting an investigation.  We have set up our own investigation which can be seen on the windows in Class A and B. Our investigation is to see under which conditions our broad bean seed will grow the best. We have a broad bean with lots of water, a broad bean with some water and a broad bean with no water. We also have a broad bean that is getting no sunlight, some sunlight and another which is exposed to the sun all day. We have made predictions about which one we think will grow the best and then we are going to create a diary to keep track of the results. 


This weeks spellings are :













We look forward to seeing you at 2:45 on Monday for more information about the end of Key Stage 1 assessments.

Week beginning 18th of May 2019

What a lovely week we have had in Year 2! The week got off to a lovely start with our violin performance. I am sure you will agree that we are doing super learning with the violin and we have made amazing progress. 


This week has been a super special week as it has been Multicultural week. We have learnt lots about different cultures and religions. We have even looked at how different we all look and how amazing it is that we are all so unique. We were also lucky enough this week to be joined by our family and friends of Eagley as we had another parental engagement session. We love having our family and friends in school to see what we are learning about and to teach them all the amazing facts which we have learnt. 


We have also been doing some super subtracting in Maths and in English we have been looking at how we can make our writing even better. We have looked at all the different amazing things we have learnt like adverbs, adjectives, commas, exclamation marks etc. We have looked at these and then discussed how we could improve our writing by including all these grammatical features. This is something that we need to be able to do in Year 2 so it is very important learning.


In topic we have now started our new topic 'Green Fingers'. We have had a super time exploring our school environment on a plant detective hunt. We have also been looking at herbs and using our senses to describe the different herbs. Our last activity of the week was to label the different parts of the plant. We did really well at this and it looks amazing in our books. 


This weeks spellings are: 











Week beginning 11th March 2019

We have had a wonderful week this week in Year 2. We have had a very busy week and have produced some amazing work for our displays in school. 


In Maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction. We have been using our knowledge of place value to help us with this. We have been using the bar model as a structure to help us with our calculations. The bar model is particularly useful when we are trying to solve a missing number problem. If we were faced with a missing number problem such as 12 +   =18.

We would look at the numbers we know and put these into a bar model. We would then choose the most suitable calculation to use to help us find the missing number. 18 - 12 =

We found this tricky at first but now we are experts in solving missing number problems and spotting the inverse relationships.


In English we have brought our pirate topic to an end. We have been reading a book and have written our own pirate letter. We created ourselves as a pirate and went on a special journey to Pirotopia. Whilst we were at Pirotopia we took the time to write a letter to our shipmates on The Leaky Tub. We told them all about our holiday. We were telling them about the weather, what we have been eating, what we have been doing and all about the different rides which we have been on. Whilst telling them all about our holiday we made sure that we included question marks, commas, an apostrophe, adverbs, adjectives and many more things to make our writing extra special. 


On Tuesday we had our 'Treasure Island' Exit Point. We loved dressing up as a pirate for the day and it was even more fun to attend pirate school. We were delivered a treasure chest which we had to crack the code on to get the treasure. We then had many different pirate activities to do in the afternoon such as pirate name bingo, making our own pirate, finding pirate phrases, making pirate ships and lots of other exciting challenges.


Our new IPC topic 'Green Fingers' and this is a Science themed unit. We started our topic by making our very own cress heads. They have turned out amazing and we cannot wait till the cress grows! After this we have started the knowledge harvest. We discussed some facts about plants and shared any knowledge which we already had on plants. We then wrote our fact down on a leaf and attached it to the tree on our 'Green Fingers' display. We then had a think about the things which we want to find out. We wrote our questions down on flowers to also put up on our display. We cannot wait to find out lots of exciting information about plants and how they grow.


This weeks spellings are:












Week beginning 4th March 2019

This week we have continued to look at the Maths exemplification. We have been looking at adding and subtracting. We have also looked at partitioning different numbers as well as starting to look at how we would solve missing number problems. We have had a busy week and we have worked incredibly hard.


In English we have looked a pirate book called 'Pirate Post'. As we come to the end of our pirate topic we thought we would have a look at one last pirate book. The children have become part of the story and have been receiving letters from Captain Cutlass. Captain Cutlass has been on holiday to Piratopia. We received a letter that we replied to. We told Captain Cutlass all about what we have been doing since he has been away and how we managed to fix our ship The Leaky Tub. The teachers have been encouraging us to show off with our writing. We have been using commas, contractions, question marks and adverbs!


In our IPC this week we have had a music focus. We have looked at some sea shanties and even wrote our own. We looked at a traditional sea shanty and changed the words to create our own version. We then used the musical instruments to create a pirate scene. This was very exciting and very noisy! We are now coming to the end of our 'Treasure Island' topic and are getting ready to start our new topic 'Green fingers'.


This weeks spellings are:














Please remember to use capital letters at the start of these months.

Week beginning 25th February 2019

We have had a super week this week in Year 2 and wasted no time in getting back into the swing off things in what is a very important time in Year 2. We have continued all our learning since before half term and we have produced amazing learning all week after a well deserved rest.


In Maths we have started completing the exemplification which is given to schools by the government. The document can be seen by following this link:



This week we have been reading scales of 1, 2, 5 and 10 where not all numbers are given. We have done this practically and then in our learning books. We have also been looking at partitioning into different combinations of tens and ones. We started with a number such as 45 we then partitioned into in lots of different ways like this:






Why not have a try of these at home as a home learning challenge?


We have also been looking at adding and subtracting 2 two digit numbers. We have done amazingly well and the teachers are very impressed with our determination.


In our English this week we have been learning about the most famous pirate. We have researched facts about Blackbeard from different sources. After this we organised our facts into different sub headings. After this it was time to write our facts file. We created our sub headings and wrote our facts ready to share with other children. We focused on our handwriting and spelling as well as using a range off punctuation which is taught in Year 2. This is part of the English and Reading exemplification which can be found here:


For our IPC learning this week we have continued to learn about pirates. We have been looking at the maps which pirates used to use. We looked at making a birds eye view map of the classroom and then we used the skills which we acquired to make a real pirate map. We made our map and our key and then stained the map and ripped the edges for effect. 


This weeks spellings are: