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Spring 2

Week Beginning 01.04.2019

This week we have being doing lots of fun Easter learning! We started the week by listening to the Easter story and talking about who celebrates Easter and different ways that we can celebrate it.  


On different days during the week, the Easter bunny came and visited nursery. One day he left footprints, another day he phoned up and another day he left a letter! He was a very busy bunny, however the children loved searching for chocolate eggs outside, it was very exciting.


This week we have loved doing yoga in the hall. Doing yoga helps children's gross motor skills to move and balance. Gross motor skills are really important for good handwriting too! The children love doing yoga sessions and had lots of fun.


It has been lots of fun making chocolate cornflake nest cakes this week. We talked about what we needed to do to the chocolate to be able to melt it. We then broke it up into small pieces and put it in  the microwave. The children loved adding cornflakes, stirring and counting out mini eggs! Well done  everyone!


Thank you to all those who attended our phonics workshop, we understand there have been lots of poorly children this week and not everyone was able to make it. You will recieve your child's reading wallet the first week back after Easter if you haven't already been given it. The 5 read 'Up Up and Away' challenge will begin after Easter and we can't wait to be a part of it!


Have a happy Easter and we look forward to seeing you all nice and refreshed in a few weeks time!

Week Beginning 25.03.2019

This week we have been very busy making special Mother's Day things! We talked about what Mother's Day is and why we celebrate it, before having a circle time all about what we love about our Mummies and other special grown ups! The children have each made a special card for their grown up and have all practiced writing their name inside. We have also worked really hard to make a bracelet for our special grown up too. This has been very tricky, we had to try really hard to thread tiny beads onto the elastic and this needed really good fine motor skills! We also had to show lots of resilience, which is one of our personal learning goals, because sometimes the beads kept falling off!


This week, as part of our IEYC topic 'Once Upon a Time' we have been reading the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have loved listening to the story and we talked about whether how Goldilocks was unkind by breaking all of baby bears things. The children loved acting out the story and sorting different items into small, medium and large.


In Maths, we have been using the tens frame to help us solve addition problems. For example, if we needed to solve 3+2, we have used different coloured counters and carefully counted out 3 in one colour and 2 in another colour before counting them altogether to find the total. We did very well at this! Can you practice adding different objects at home?


Finally, nursery have loved making the most of the beautiful sunshine and weather this week and have helped to re-build the bug hotel outside, as well as plant different vegetables such as potatoes! 


Have a happy weekend!

Week Beginning 18.03.2019

This week we have been very busy! Every morning this week we have mixed up the year groups and been to different classrooms in our groups to learn about different  religions and their festivals as part of our RE week. When in Nursery we learned all about the Hindu festival of Holi, dancing, trying special foods, making colour pictures and using colourful water balloons! When we visited receptions classroom we made our own butter after learning about a hindu story called The Butter Thief. In Year 1, the children loved exploring Christianity and learned all about Noah's Ark. Finally, when we visited year 2, the children loved learning lots about Islam and how Eid is celebrated. This has been a wonderful multicultural week in school and the children really enjoyed themselves.


On Tuesday morning, lots of you joined us for some of our multicultural learning. We hope that you enjoyed taking part in the activities as much as we did. The children love spending time with their special grown ups and worked really hard. Thank you.


As part of our IEYC topic 'Once Upon a Time', we loved listening to The Hare and the Tortoise and The Three Little Pigs. The children loved having races outside, just like in the story. We had a circle time about the importance of taking part and taking your time. After reading the story of the Three Little Pigs, the children loved re-telling it and using masks and small world characters to act it out. We also used the large construction area outside to make our very own dens/houses just like the pigs! We discussed what would make our house strong so that it didn't blow over. The children worked brilliantly as a team and used lots of language to communicate with each other. Can you read a different fairytale each night as a bedtime story?


Have a lovely weekend! 

Week Beginning 11.03.2019

This week we have continued with our IEYC topic 'Once upon a time.' As part of our topic, we have been reading the story The Gingerbread Man, and lots of our learning has been based around this book. We loved acting out the story and joining in with repetitive language. As part of our learning, it has been lots  of fun to bake our very own Gingerbread men! We used scales to weigh the ingredients and our muscles to add and stir the mixture. We had lots of fun doing this.


We have also loved doing some sewing and threading this week. This has been really tricky, however the children were very patient and did amazingly well! Threading is a very tricky skill, however requires children to use their hand muscles and a  pincer  grip to thread the needle in and out. These are the skills that children need to become successful handwriters in the future, so well done everyone! Can you do some fine motor activities at home? This could include threading bracelets, using giant tweezers or even colouring a picture!


In Maths, we have continued to practice recognising and writing numbers as well as matching numeral to quantity. The children are doing really well at this. The children love counting into tens frames as this helps their understanding of the value of each number. We are working really hard and lots of children are using the part part whole model in order to complete simple addition problems. For example, looking at the number 7 and understanding that 7+0=7, 6+1=7, 5+2=7 etc... 


Next week is our RE multicultural week in school and we look forward to seeing lots of special grown ups on Tuesday at 9am to do lots of exciting activities together! Letters are also being sent home regarding a phonics workshop for parents to attend before we begin our phonics learning in the new half term. This  is a very exciting time and we look forward to starting your child's journey to learn how to read and write together!


Have a lovely weekend!

Week Beginning 4.3.2019

This week, we began the week by celebrating World Book Day. Thank you to all the special grown ups that joined us and sent their children to school dressed as their favourite book characters. The children really enjoyed sharing their favourite stories with you all and we hope you enjoyed your time in school.


To celebrate World Book Day, the staff  in nursery dressed up as different characters from the fairytale of Cinderella. This gave  us the opportunity to explore and learn about a new fairytale, acting out the story and hosting our own Cinderella ball!


This week we have also been learning lots about The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We learned all about how fairytales have lots of different versions and have listened to these throughout the week. We then talked about the similarities and differences of each story. The children have loved going outside and building bridges in the large construction area to get over the river (paddling pool!). This required communication skills, team work and resilience!


In Maths, we have been looking at ordering items by size. We discussed the sizes of the different Billy Goats and used lots of vocabulary. We were then able to order items by size and match items to their correctly sized objects. Can you order items by size at home? Maybe you could put your toys in order from the smallest to the biggest?


We have loved celebrating Shrove Tuesday, we worked with Year 2 to spend a whole afternoon learning about how Christians celebrate the start of Lent.  We discussed lots of promises that we could make, as well as cook and eat some delicious pancakes! We had a go at stirring the mixture and flipping the pancakes, it was lots of fun!


Lots of letters have been sent home recently, everyone should have received a letter about reading, RE week/parental engagement session and learning meeting/parents evening letters are now being handed out too. If you need another copy of any of these letters, please speak to a member of the nursery team. 


Have a happy weekend! :)

Week Beginning 25.02.2019

This week we have started a new topic from our International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC). Our new topic is called 'Once upon a time...' and it is set to be a very exciting one! To start our topic, a mysterious storyteller from the land of once upon a time arrived on Monday morning with a basket of vegetables and two books. She read the children the story 'The Enormous Turnip' and the children loved asking the storyteller, Joyce, lots of questions about her special basket of vegetables. Joyce also brought a big book but it was empty inside! The children have been set the task of making their own stories by drawing pictures and telling a grown up a story as they draw. They have done incredibly well at this and we have had some very interesting stories!


As part of our learning about The Enormous Turnip, we decided to grow our own vegetables. We have put our potatoes in a chitting tray ready to plant in a few weeks time. The children have also planted some cress seeds this week which they will look after over the next couple of weeks until they are ready to take them home.  The children loved sequencing the order of how we plant a seed and have thought about what their seeds will need to be able to grow into cress.


At the end of the story, The Enormous Turnip, the family enjoy eating some turnip soup. With this in mind, the children have been making their very own soup this week! The children have had to listen very carefully and follow instructions about how to peel and chop safely as they have prepared the vegetables for the soup. They have all been incredibly sensible and we are very proud of them. Can you help your special grown ups to make tea one night at home?


Finally, Monday is our World Book Day and your child is welcome to come to school dressed up as a character from their favourite story. You are also welcome to join your child for an hour at school in the morning to read books and have some toast for breakfast! This will be very exciting! Have a happy weekend and we look forward to another exciting week next week!