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Spring 2

Week Beginning 28th March

What a lovely final week of our Spring term we have had! We have been busy with lots of Easter crafts, making Easter bonnet crowns, Easter cards, Easter baskets and even going on an Easter egg hunt around school!!


In phonics this week, we have worked incredibly hard on a new sound 'oo'. This sound tried to trick us because it can make 2 different sounds! 'oo' can make a long vowel sound in words such as moon, boot, shoot, food, scoop etc... but it can also make a short vowel sound in words such as foot, wood, good, hook, hood etc...

It would be really useful for your child to practise this sound over the Easter holidays, as well as all the previously taught diagraphs (we have learned lots this half term!) You can do this on your child's phonics keyring and you can also visit and use your child's login (found at the front of their reading diary). Once you have logged in, click on 'homework' and you will see lots of activities you can complete over Easter! :)


In Maths we have looked carefully at subtraction and this is something we are going to continue to look at when we come back after the half term! We have been busy counting out amounts and taking groups away to see how many are left. We have done this in lots of fun games e.g. skittles (how many did you start with, then knock over, then how many left) we have even played subtraction smash with playdough!


In writing, we have loved listening to the story 'Chicken Licken.' The children enjoyed this story and then writing a letter to the king to ask for help! We have used this story to create new rhyming characters of our own and to retell it using masks.


Finally, we have spent lots of time with Mrs Field, creating a wonderful card for her to take with her on her new adventure. The staff and children will miss her so much! heart


We hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and would like to thank you all for your continued support over the school year so far. We can't wait to see you in the new term! 

Week Beginning 21st March 2022

This week we have been learning the sound 'oa' in phonics. We have learned that the sound 'oa' helps us to read and write words such as goat, boat, load, soap, coach, toad etc...

Please visit and login to view this weeks homework. This week the phonics homework also includes some common exception word practise. 


In maths we have been exploring the composition of numbers to 10. We have learned that numbers can be partitioned into lots of different parts! For example, we learned that number 6 can be partitioned into 3+3, 2+2+2, 3+2+1, 1+1+1+1+1+1 etc...

The children have loved exploring the many ways we can make different amounts!


In our writing, we have been listening to the story of The Three Little Pigs and thinking about what might happen after the story ends! Some children wrote sentences about the three pigs having a sleepover, some decided that each pig would build a house of bricks, and others even said that the three pigs would go on holiday to the beach!


In our afternoons we have been busy preparing for our wonderful Mother's Day assembly, learning songs, making cards and painting pictures!


We hope you loved the Mother's Day assembly and having another chance to visit school and mix with lots of parents and see your amazing children perform!


Have a lovely weekend :)

Week Beginning 14th March 2022

We have had a wonderfully busy week in Reception as always! 

In phonics this week we have learned our first trigraph (a single sound that is represented by 3 letters). Our trigraph was 'igh'! The children have done an amazing job at reading and writing 'igh' words such as light, sight, might, high, sigh etc... Please logon to Education City and have a go at our phonics 'igh' homework. You can do this by visiting and using your child's login from the front of their reading diaries.


In Maths this week we have been very busy comparing quantities using the language 'greater than, less than or equal to.'

The children have been fantastic at this! We watched an episode of Numberblocks called BlockZilla, all about BlockZilla who loved to play with the largest numbers she could find! This episode introduced us to the symbols < > =. The children have worked really hard to compare amounts using the symbols with lots of practical equipment throughout the week.


In writing, we have listened to many different versions of Little Red Riding Hood! The children have listened to the different versions to compare their similarities and differences. We noticed that each version had a different ending. Next, we created our own endings to Little Red Riding Hood and have written sentences about what could happen. We had some very creative ideas that included Little Red Riding Hood throwing BBQ pizza at the Big Bad Wolf, or even aliens coming down to planet earth to save Little Red Riding Hood!


In our topic afternoons, we have continued with our RE lessons, learning all about the Easter story. The children have ordered the story independently and re-told it! We have also loved doing lots of planting this week, planting flower seeds and looking after them in our classroom so that they begin to germinate over the next couple of weeks. Finally, we have been busy practising and making things for our wonderful Mother's Day assembly on Friday 25th March. We do look forward to performing to our special grown ups and sharing the things we have made!

Week Beginning 7th March 2022

Wow, what a busy week we have had! We hope that lots of you have enjoyed the opportunity to look through your children's learning and visit our classrooms this week! The children are beaming with pride and loved having the opportunity to show you the wonderful work they have been producing.


In Phonics this week we have learned a new sound 'ai'. We have learned that 'ai' is used in words such as snail, rain, wait, tail, mail etc... This week we have also learned the sound 'ee'. We have practised reading and writing words such as see, been, free, three and tree. Can you practise reading and writing words like this at home? 

You can visit Education City and login using your child's login at the front of their diary. Please click on 'homework' followed by this weeks learning tab named 'Phonics homework 11.3.22.' You will find homework linked to this weeks sounds 'ai' and 'ee.'


In writing, we have been continuing with our story Mr Wolf's Pancakes. We received a letter asking us to change the story to reflect Mr Wolf's kind character throughout the begininng and middle of the story! We loved creating new endings, we thought of kind endings, wrote new sentences and drew new illustrations!


In Maths we have continued our learning of number bonds to 10! We are getting so good at recalling these facts now! We have used part whole models, tens frames, numicon, Numberblocks and even bead strings to practically recall our number bond facts. Well done everyone!


In topic, we have been continuing our Geography learning around maps! The children have retold Mr Wolf's story and used BeeBots to visit the characters on a large scale map. The children have also looked at their immediate classroom environment and have created maps of the classroom. We looked at the location of lots of items and drew them on our maps!


Have a lovely weekend everyone! See you all for another fun-filled week next week!

Week Beginning 21st February 2022

Welcome back after our February break! We are now half way through our school year and it has been lovely to chat to lots of parents and children this week to discuss their amazing progress and their targets for the rest of Reception! If you haven't had chance to meet with your child's class teacher yet, please speak to myself (Miss Holdsworth) or Miss Smith and we will arrange a convenient time.


This week during our phonics sessions we have been busy recapping our sounds, particularly 'ch' and 'sh' before introducing our new sound of the week 'th'. We have practised reading a writing lots of words such as thin, thick, bath, moth and path. Can you practise reading and writing your new 'th' sound at home? You can access homework on and login using your child's details at the front of their reading diary.


In Maths we have been doing lots of measuring this week! We started by ordering items by size, before using non-standard measures to find out how tall or long objects are. We used interlocking cubes and measured the lengths of lots of objects around the classroom. We used lots of language such as tall, taller and tallest, as well as short, shorter and shortest. We also looked at weighing objects this week, using balance scales and finding out which objects are heavier/lighter than others.


This week we have been reading the story 'Little Red Hen' and writing lots of speech bubbles for each of the characters. We have used this story in the afternoons to create our own fictional maps based on the places the Little Red Hen visited.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!