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Spring 2

Week beginning 29th March.


We would like to start by say a HUGE thank you to all of our children and families for working so hard over the Spring term. The children have worked so hard during their home schooling and have continued to show their super skills when back at school. We are so proud of them all!


In phonics:


Puppies have been recapping the sounds ai, ee, igh and oa. We have recognised these sounds and have practiced reading words, writing words and sentences containing these sounds.

We have also continued to learn to read and write the tricky words:

we, be, me, he, she, my, they, was, her and all


Whales have been recapping the Phase 3 sounds and also been practising CCVC & CVCC words such as tent, nest, band, etc.

We have also continued to learn to read and write the tricky words:

said, have, like, so, do, some, come, little, one, were, out, what, when and there


Penguins and Giraffes have been learning the sounds ow (blow the snow) and compared with oa (goat in a boat) and then learned ew (chew the stew) and compared with oo (poo at the zoo) and ue (stick the glue). We have learned to recognise these sounds and have practiced reading words, writing words and sentences containing these sounds.

 We have also continued to learn to read and write the tricky words:

oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked and could


At home you could practice your reading books and see if you can find the sounds of the week or tricky words in your books. Don't forget about Reading Eggs!


In Maths we have practised our addition and subtraction skills using a number line. We have also been learning our number bonds to 20. You can practice these on the game Hit the Button.


We have also explored the Easter story and enjoyed some Easter crafts. We had a visit from the Easter Bunny and he left us some yummy treats to find! 


We hope you all have a lovely Easter break, you have all definitely earned it! Stay safe everyone

Week beginning Monday 22nd March


Well what another super week we have had in year 1! There is so much fantastic learning happening and progress being made, we can’t believe that the children have only been back in school for 3 weeks after the lockdown. Well done everyone! 


We have concluded our measures maths topic with capacity and volume. We have been outside with Miss Bowker and Mrs Northrop to use the water tray and investigate the capacity of different containers.

We have also revisited place value this week, ordering numbers, comparing numbers and representing 2-digit numbers in different ways.


What could you find the capacity of in your house? Maybe you could try finding the capacity of different containers when you are in the bath?


This week was the final week of our work on the book Mole’s Star and we finished by writing our own reports about moles. We know so many facts about moles now and our report writing is amazing. Mrs Tibbitts and Mrs Marshall are over the moon again this week! smiley


Can you tell someone in your family some of the facts you have learnt about moles?


We have learnt some more about toys from the past this week and also found out about Queen Victoria. We enjoyed watching this film about her 


Can you tell someone in your family about toys that Victorian children played with?

Week beginning 15th March


What a fantastic week we have had in Year 1 this week! Mrs Marshall and Mrs Tibbitts are so proud of everyone for all of their hard work and super learning smiley


In maths we have continued our learning on measures, this time we have been thinking about mass and weight. We have compared things to find out which are heavier and which are lighter and we have measured the weight of objects using cubes. 


Do you have anything at your house that you use to find the weight of things? Maybe in your kitchen or bathroom.....

Can you weigh some objects in your house? 


We have continued with lots of learning from the book Mole's Star. We all planned out and then wrote letters from Mole to the animals to say sorry for taking the stars from the sky. We have also done some role play to help us think about how Mole was feeling. 

The teachers have been blown away by all your writing this week, it has been absolutely brilliant!

Could you write a letter to a friend or someone in your family?


Our topic focus this week has been the history of toys. We started by thinking about how the toys we played with in our past have changed and how they are different to the toys we enjoy playing with now. Then, we had a very exciting time on Wednesday when Ally from Turton Tower came to visit. She told us all about the toys children in Victorian times would have played with like a cup and ball, a yo-yo, Jacob's ladder and spinning top. We got to play with the toys and then made our own cup and ball to take home. It was a fantastic afternoon!

Could you ask your mums and dads or your grandparents about the toys they liked to play with when they were children?

Week beginning 8th March.


WELCOME BACK EVERYONE! We have loved having you all back this week. We have really missed having everyone together.


In maths this week we have been measuring in cm using rulers and meter sticks. We are very good at reading the scale on a ruler.

At home you could borrow a tape measure and measure objects around your home.


In English we started our Mole's Star topic. Before we read the story we predicted what we think might happen. We have added the prefix 'un' to root words to change their meaning. We have written our own wishes and used the word because in our sentences.


At home you could write some more sentences using the conjunctions because, sometimes or but.


We have finally started our Come and Play topic, we described and wrote about our favourite toys. We investigated the materials toys are made from and described how they felt and what they look like. 


Don't forget to use the Reading Eggs website.